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1 1/2 hr between return flights at JFK?

I just checked our return flights for our vaca in Spain this June, and lo and behold, Delta is now giving us only an hour and half to go thru Customs at JFK, and make our connecting flight to PDX. (Previously we had three hours.) I have never flown thru JFK, but have not heard any wonderful stories about them. I don't want a repeat of the horrible mess we went thru in Philly last year. (Customs, etc. almost ate up three hours.)

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That was Philly !!! IMO the worse airport to transit through. It is permanently off our airport list. We went through JFK on January 1st, two days after the winter storm shut down, on Delta with the hour and half and easily made it. The airport was jammed and a zoo but clearing immigrations was quick and easy as was security for the terminal we used. .

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Thanks for the quick reply Frank! I'll rest easy now. If we do miss it, I already have the next direct-to- home scoped out. It is quite a while until June, so I bet there will be more changes.