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Zurich versus Geneva airport

This will be our first time in Switzerland and based on tour information, I noticed that most tours start in Zurich. Wondering what are the disadvantages of flying to Geneva instead.
Thank you for your responses.

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It depends on you and where you want to visit before the tour starts.

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3 hours by train. I agree with the comment below that it would be gorgeous but not something I would necessarily want to do after a 10 hour flight….

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Last time I looked, there are few if any direct flights from N America to Geneva.

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For Geneva from North America
Delta Air Lines to/from New York–JFK beginning 10 April 2023.
Air Canada flies to/from Montréal–Trudeau

That's it.

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Maybe they are looking at a Geneva flight that is not direct but is cheaper than Zurich.

As for disadvantages, if you are meeting a tour that starts in Zurich, it may be no disadvantage at all if you want to see a bit of Switzerland that is not included on the tour.

I personally have no interest in staying in Geneva; it is a big city and a center for many international organizations and multi-national corporations, but heavy on very expensive hotels and light on tourist attractions. However, the direct IC trains between Geneva Airport and Zurich offer some interesting stops that would make nice overnights. One goes along the lake as far as Morges, a charming small town with Audrey Hepburn connections, before passing through Neuchâtel, Biel, and other towns on the way to Zurich. We spent a night in Morges in a lakefront hotel before flying out of Geneva on one of our Swiss trips, and it was very enjoyable.

Another IC train goes by way of Lausanne, Fribourg, and Bern, any one of which might make. Nice overnight stop, although we have no personal experience with any so cannot make recommendations.

In other words, you can get off the plane in Geneva and take a train right from the airport to any of these places, some in an hour or less.

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Thank you. We are looking for direct flies from Miami and Fort Lauderdale.
Geneva keeps popping up.
I have another question.

We were hoping to go on one of the Rick Steves tours this summer to Switzerland but as it is there is no availability so I am trying to plan this for my husband and I and little concerned about trains and transportation.
How do you recommend we travel from Zurich to Appenzell if we intent to take mostly trains from town to town.
Do we rent a car in Zurich to go to Appenzell?
Uber available?
Thank you for your assistance

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Thank you. We are looking for direct flies from Miami and Fort

Swiss has daily direct flights from Miami to Zürich. Adding Geneva would just make things more complicated.

How do you recommend we travel from Zurich to Appenzell if we intent
to take mostly trains from town to town.

By train.

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The Swiss train system is amazingly efficient, user-friendly, and comfortable. Several trains leave every hour for most destinations. Many of the towns in the Alps are car- free zones, so don't rent an (expensive) car. Moving about the country on your own is very doable- many folks speak English, the the country just seems well-organized.
The RS Swiss tour is wonderful, perhaps there's a wait list? So far, it's my favorite RS tour.
Safe travels!

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I have a question in regards to Lausanne:
I have made reservation for a 2 night stay at the Hotel Chateau d'Ouchy for late June, however I am wondering if instead we should stay in Montreux knowing that we would like to go to the Vineyards, Chillon Castle and definely spend a day at Gruyere.
Please advise on which location to stay overnight would be more convenient.
Thanks you very much