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Why is RS Spain more costly then RS Italy?

I just returned from in incredible Heart of Italy tour and would like to travel to Spain on a Rick Steves tour but it is so much more expensive though people say travel in Spain is less expensive. Why?

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Heart of Italy is 9 days, Best of Spain is 14 days. 55% more days, 55% more cost.

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Check out the Barcelona-Madrid tour. It's a dandy, and cheaper than the Heart of Italy tour - at least it is this year.

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If you look all the 14 day tours are pretty much the same price. Yes, Spain is less expensive to visit than other countries. So the tour includes wine and most of the hotels are pretty nice, particularly Sevilla. We did this tour last year and I think it was more than worth the cost.

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It is a bit more expensive irregardless of number of days - Heart of Italy comes to $255/day; Spain tour comes to $285/day. Not sure why the higher per day unless they have to stay in more expensive hotels in some of the cities, and maybe the sight visits or transportation are more expensive. If you really need an answer, contact the office and ask them or maybe someone from RS will answer on this thread.

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The Spain tour spends 7 nights in major cities - Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla, more expensive hotels, more expensive sights. The Heart of Italy spends 2 nights in Rome. If you count nights, not days (after all, the last day is a non-day - no hotel, no touring, nada), then 8 nights in Italy at $2600 = $325/night and 13 nights in Spain at $4200 is $323/night. So in fact Spain is a little cheaper. You have to do the math right. If you go with touring days, Spain would come out even cheaper per day, since the first tour day is only an evening.