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Why doesn’t RSteves let you use gift cards towards tours?

We draw names at Christmas with a $100 limit. I would like to be given a RS gift card to help pay for a future tour. But Rick says it can’t be used towards a tour. Why do you think he has this policy?

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Some friends gave me a gift certificate and I was able to use it toward a tour this year. Maybe check on that. I just sent it in with a note saying I wanted applied to my tour.

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Maybe the different parts of the business operate separately. The tours probably operate as a travel agency, the books and products as a retail business, the tv as a production company, etc. Probably several different entities under the parent company of Rick Steves.

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My guess is it's an Accounting (treatment) issue; the ability to book and recognize revenue if the purchase of a given card has that value applied towards a different year's [tour] usage. When our 2020 Tour was cancelled due to COVID precautions, RSE offered to apply the deposit to a future tour, but they couldn't do the same with a Single Supplement premium (then $795) we added within that tour. Unlike the deposit, the supplement didn't have a 'hold' option and had to be refunded in the same calendar year in which it was paid, and we were told it was due to acctg protocols. Perhaps Gift Cards fall into a similar category?

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Thanks for some ideas, forum members. You guys are always helpful!