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Which tour - Greece or South Italy?!?

Hello all,

Hope you are getting back to travelling. I am pondering an RS tour for early summer (May) of 2024. Yes, I like to plan in advance.

I am stuck between two tours, so your experiences on either would be delightful. I'm stuck between 1) Best of South Italy and 2) Athens and the Heart of Greece.

I have been to Italy before (2019 - Rome, Assisi, and Florence) but never to South Italy and never to Greece.

In Greece I'd like to add a few days in Meteora. In Italy, maybe three or so days in Rome.

I'd love your thoughts, opinions, insights, and experiences on these tours and your extensions of your tour in these places I mentioned should you have added them on. Thanks!

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My two cents…

I have done neither tour with RS. But I have visited both Italy and Greece. While Greece is beautiful and rich in culture and history, you can NEVER go wrong with Italy. I admit to being prejudice, but I would opt for Italy. And since you have been to Rome, and the tour starts with time in Rome, I would suggest considering adding a few days at the end by going down to Sicily. Gorgeous, And lots of Greek-era ruins.

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We have done both and by far our favorite is Athens and the heart of Greece. The people, the sights and the food - oh my!

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Have you considered doing both back to back. You get an extra discount and save airfare plus sometime you can go from one to the other without any delay.

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We have done both tours (So Italy in 2010 and Greece in 2016) - they are our favorite tours of the 8 we have taken thus far. If I was forced to pick one - I would pick the Greece tour but you cannot go wrong no matter which you select..

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Have you considered doing both back to back.

don't we all hope to link two -- or possibly three -- tours together someday?

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We have done the RS Greece Tour and added another 10 days between Santorini & Naxos. Loved the Tour. We did Southern Italy/Eastern Sicily with another tour company. We added Ortigia and day trips to Baroque towns. We also loved this region. That said, we would go back to both places again!

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Both tours were outstanding with each being unique. I would gladly do them again.

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I have to agree with JimD. I have done both tours and out of the 15 RS tours I have done, the South Italy Tour ranks as my #1 so far. I followed it up with the Sicily tour two days later and it ranks as my #2 so far.

As JimD said the Greece tour is of course beautiful but largely focused on Ancient ruins, etc. The sea coast stops were lovely and I’m glad I experienced it all, but I really loved the 4 days I added to the trip in Oia, Santorini.
I thought the towns and sites visited on the South Italy tour are quite varied and unique to each other (Rome, Gargano on the Eastern coast, Albero-bello, Matera)! All so interesting, Plus! You stay in Sorrento and the Amalfi coast. Highly recommended!

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We have done both tours, also. First, I would look toward early May because both countries could be quite warm if not hot by the end of May. Personally, I would start with Greece. Both tours have ancient ruins and temples, museums, large cities and small villages, good food and friendly people. The reason I would start with Greece is because it precedes Italy in the development of its civilization and artwork and it helped me to understand and appreciate the history behind what created both cultures. Having been to Greece, I knew that the preserved temples you see at Paestum in southern Italy are rare and maybe appreciated it just a bit more than if I had not been to Greece first.