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Where to stay for 2 nights after My Way Alpine tour in August?

Hi all!

My husband and I & a friend will be taking the My Way Alpine tour and ending the tour in Chamonix on the morning of Friday, August 26th. We will be flying out of the Geneva airport on Sunday, August 28th. Flights not booked yet, but have generally looked at flights & it seems that we will fly out between 7 am - 12 pm, depending on which flight we end up booking. Originally we had thought to travel to Geneva after breakfast on Friday & spend the remainder of Friday and Saturday in Geneva. In looking at things to do in Geneva, not much is looking that interesting to us. I did find a chocolate/walking tour that we could take on Saturday that sounds like fun.

From looking at a prior trip scrapbook, someone went to Annency for a few days after. Any thoughts on whether that would be a better option to spend 1 1/2 days? If staying in Annency, I think we would opt for the noon'ish flights. Or else late train or transfer to a Geneva airport hotel for an early flight out on Sunday.

Or any other thoughts on where to stay after? Thank you!

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I would vote for Annecy. Very nice city on the lake at the foot of the Alps. I believe there are direct trains from Annecy to Geneva airport that takes about 1.5 hours.

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From Chamonix you can take a direct bus to Lausanne (2h 45m) and sleep there two nights. On Sun you can take a direct train from Lausanne to the Genèva airport (1h).
You can also take a direct bus from Chamonix to Annecy (1h 45m) and spend one night in Annecy and then take a direct bus to the Genèva Airport (1h) and sleep at an airport hotel on Sat.
You need to decide what town you want to see most: Lausanne or Annecy. If you prefer Annecy you need to decide if two one-nights stays are OK with you.

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Thanks Threadwear & Mary Pat!

I have watched a few YouTube videos of Annency to get a feel for it. I had not thought about Laussane. The bus/train connections between all seem to be quite doable. Now have to do some research between Annency & Laussane. That can be my project today on this rainy Sunday!

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Annecy is great, but to me, staying there before a noon-ish flight out of Geneva implies splurging for a pre-arranged taxi/transfer service (should be €120 or so, maybe more on a Sunday but at least you will not hit traffic). Other options would be too stressful for me (what if the train is cancelled? what if the bus is delayed?).

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I agree, Balso. Whatever we decide, we will be spending the night before our flight in Geneva!

I wish we had more time to add to the end of trip, but we are arriving early & spending 3 nights in Vienna and 1 extra night in Salzburg.

After thinking some more, we will most likely decide to spend the day in Chamonix after the tour ends. We can just enjoy the town or see any sights we missed if the weather didn't cooperate, then take transportation to Geneva in the later afternoon. We'll spend our final day in Geneva. I'm sure we can find plenty to fill 1 day and take the train to the airport on Sunday morning. We have decided to fly out on the 11:45 flight.

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You might also consider the north shore of Lake Leman (Lake Geneva) at some place like Vevey. Direct trains to Geneva airport are every half hour and take 1 1/2 or 1 3/4 hours. You could take a boat ride to Chateau Chillon, or explore the vineyards along the lake. You can get a train from Chamonix to Vevey every hour.