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When will 2019 tours be announced?

I'm considering a Rick Steves tour in May or June of 2019 and wondering when that season's offerings will be released.

Also, I can't seem to find a search function on these forums.

I would welcome help with either issue. Thanks.


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It is too obvious. Look at the very top, left side, slightly gray screen area -- See the magnifing glass and the 18 pts text that says, Search. That is it. Click on it.

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They won't have summer 2019 tours out until maybe Spring 2018. They just don't firm up the schedules that far in advance. You can call or email the tour office and see what they say, but I think the complete 2018 schedule just came out in June. The schedule for earlier tours will start trickling out before that.

PS everyone misses the Search box - it just seems to fade into the background.

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The search function does not show up on the iPhone unless you click on the the lines on the very top left of the screen. I can see why you couldn't find it.

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The search function would not be helpful in answering this question (so you're not missing anything). It will just bring you right back to this thread.

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As others have said, the exact tour schedule won't be available until late Spring. However, the tours don't vary much form year to year (except for newly added ones, of course.) You can pretty much count on tours starting on a Sunday, for example, continuing that pattern.

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Thanks, everyone. Afraid my Kindle Fire doesn't have any of the features Frank describes.

But do you have a set of parallel lines in the top left of the blue bar that says Rick Steves Europe (the parallel lines are the commonly used symbol on mobile sites for menu)? If you click on the menu, you will see the magnifying glass and the word search)

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Tours do change. I just happened to find two off hand--Heart of Ireland and Villages of South England.

Tours will start to be announced online late spring/early summer. If there is a tour you truly want in spring 2019 jump on it quickly. Some 2018 tours scheduled for April and May filled within a couple of weeks of posting. Dates also get added as tours fill up. One tour I looked at showed April and May departures full but then a few extra departure dates were added in those months.

Tour listings disappear after their departure dates.

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David, I didn't say the tours were new. I stated they had changed.

I took heart of Ireland in 2016 and South England earlier this year. There are some differences between the ones I took and their 2018 versions.