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What tours are a MUST?

Kim from Oklahoma inspired this question. What are your must do Rick Steves tours. Top 5 only and you can’t say all of them!
We have only done one RS tour-Athens & The Heart Of Greece
My husband has a slightly different list, so compromises will have to be made!
To clarify, the the tours you want to take, NOT what you have already been on.
I’ll start
1. Paris & The Heart Of France ( confirmed for 2022)
2. VFR
3. GAS
4. Best Of Italy
5. Best Of Europe

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Best of the Adriatic, Switzerland, and Paris+Heart of France.
I'll add to it that my favorites already taken are Bulgaria and Eastern France.

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diveloonie, we've done the first three on your list and all I can say is they cover the best of Europe. But our favorite so far is the Sicily tour, and I'd recommend that to anyone who wants to see more than the major cities of Europe. Pure fun.

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Germany Austria Switzerland (GAS)
Best of Italy
Best of Spain

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Thanks Tammy...... from another post.... since I was in a dilemma to choose which RS tour to sign up for in 2022 because I only had a limited time frame of dates. But listed below are ones I want to do, plus probably 2-3 more. But she said only 5. !!! So I will abide by the rules. Lol

1) Scandinavian tour...... in 2022
2) So England ... this was to be our tour in 2020
3) Switzerland tour
4) GAS
5) Eastern Europe

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Village Italy...we enjoyed it twice...friends wanted to go, and it was just as wonderful the second time!

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Top 5 which includes what I’ve taken and what I’m confirmed for in 2022:

1) GAS (2018)
2) Best of Italy (2019)
3) Best of Eastern Europe (originally scheduled for 2020, rescheduled for July 2022)
4) Best of Europe (April 2022)
5) Sicily (Feb 2022)

Edited to add: whoops! didn’t follow Tammy’s guidance and listed 2 tours already taken! Does that mean I get to add 2 more? lol

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My "waiting to be confirmed" Italy tour (booked 2+ days ago)... which has gone to waitlist....while I'm waiting waiting waiting.... One and only one date will work for 2022....waiting waiting waiting...

2022- Germany-Austria
2023- Sicily

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I choose tours that I ordinarily wouldn’t go on my own. I don’t drive in Europe so these are trips that I’ve done where I would need to drive.

The Best of the Adriatic
Basque Country

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I agree with Sandra; I'm choosing tours that I don't want to plan on my own or don't want to be there on my own:

St Petersburg, Tallinn & Helsinki - 2020 do-over, waiting for confirmation
Best of Turkey - waiting for confirmation

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For the ones I haven’t done...

  1. Best of Italy (confirmed for 2022!)
  2. Best of Southern Italy
  3. Tuscany
  4. Sicily
  5. I want Rick to do a tour of Northern England including Lindesfarne didn’t ask but for your 5, I’ve done all but VFR and here’s the order I’d do them:

1 (Because only Paris is a repeat from the other tours and it’s Paris so you’ll want more time there, lol)
5 (spends 8 of the 20 nights in Italy so gives you an overview)
3 (after you spend 2 nights in Lauterbrunnen Valley you’ll want the 3 nights there that this one has!)
4 (more concentrated time in Italy after your intro on BOE)
2 ( Even more specialized time, you may want to give some of the group visits a miss as you’ll know what you want to see that you’ve missed before!)

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  1. Best of Eastern Europe - waiting for confirmation.
  2. Sicily
  3. Village Italy
  4. Best of Turkey
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This is a fun question, inspiring my first post. The top 5 I'd choose:

  1. Paris & The Heart of France (confirmed for 2022)
  2. Athens & The Heart of Greece
  3. Best of Sicily
  4. Best of Berlin, Prague, & Vienna
  5. Best of St. Petersburg, Tallinn & Helsinki
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Finally got my confirmation for South of Italy so hang in there onefastbob! The tours I most still want to take are:
Best of Scandinavia
Heart of France
Southern England

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I can't name 5 that are a must, but my top 3 are:

  1. Sicily. By far, from tour veterans I met on my one and only RS tour, this was on the top of their favourite lists. Hoping for April 2023.
  2. Athens and the Heart of Greece. Trying to decide if we should do this as part of a month long Greek visit with 2 weeks of island hopping to follow.
  3. Paris and the Heart of France. Hits some places I'm not sure if I'd visit on my own.
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Best of Rome with the well-traveled sister who has never been to Italy.
Best of Scotland with the girlfriend who has never been to the UK.
Village Italy with my long-time travel companion daughter.
Eastern France with any of my peeps who want to go.
Paris and the Heart of France pourquoi pas?

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My top 5 MUST tours are:
1. Scandinavia- confirmed for May 2022
2. St. Petersburg Tallinn Helsinki
3. Eastern Europe
4. Switzerland
5. 13 Days Scotland

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At the moment, the one that might be a MUST is the Best of St. Petersburg, Tallinn, and Helsinki. That’s if we don’t wind up going to St. Petersburg by boat. It seems that St. Petersburg is perhaps the biggest feature city on the agenda, as it’s the first city in the title, but it’s the last city on the tour. Saving the “best” for last? And it’s a bit surprising, but really enticing, that the last night in Russia is a Georgian dinner! We’re looking at a possible Georgia trip in the future, with a focus on food and wine, although that’s not currently among Rick’s offerings.

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To start, I'd take each of these a 2nd time they were SO great.
1. Village first and still favorite
2. Sicily
3. Ireland in 14 Days
4. Spain in 14 Days
5. Heart of Portugal

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My first tour was Paris and the Heart of France 🇫🇷 and I loved, loved it! This was in 2014 and Guedelon was maybe 1/3 completed. Very interesting time we spent there. If you like chateaux and gardens, this is perfect for you.

The Best of Italy was my 3rd tour and it is absolutely amazing. I did Munich Salzberg Vienna in December 2019, my last tour before COVID, these destinations are the second half of the GAS tour. You will love this one too.
Here’s to new travel dreams and adventures!

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My top tours which I’ve yet to take:
Turkey - 2022 - Waiting for Confirmation
Scotland (13 days) - 2022 - Confirmed

Edited to add: My top tours which I’d love to take again because they were so wonderful and there’s a lot more which I’d like to see in these locations:
Sicily (also the itinerary has changed since I took it in 2013)
Eastern Europe

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I can't tell anybody what tours they must take. That is very individual.

Three of the best tours I have ever taken with RS are:

Basque Country
Belgium and the Netherlands

To each his/her own.

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Top 5 RS tours that I would like to take (I just booked Village Italy for 2022 or it would've been #1):
1. Loire to the South of France
2. Best of the Adriatic
3. Best of Scandinavia
4. Heart of Portugal
5. Best of Andalucía
6. Cheating with a sixth, but Best of Sicily

Which tour is "VFR"?

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@Heather VFR = Best of Venice, Florence, Rome