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What Ifs On a RS Tour

I am waitlisted on a couple of tours and I have read the Covid conditions that every tour group member must sign. But...what if during a tour the country goes on lockdown? Or what if days before a tour starts, the country imposes a quarantine for all international arrivals and that time would eat into tour time?

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Why not write to the RS tour department and ask? Only they can give you the definitive answer.

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If the country goes into lock down prior to the tour date the tour would be cancelled. RS would refund your tour cost. Why they recommend travel insurance for other expenses. Covid issues arose in the spring of 2020 as Italy was being slammed and the world began shutting down -- the tours already started just adapted to the extent they could. Some had to end early - a country by country situation. Contact RS HQ but they cannot give you any clearer answer. It is all condition controlled. The tours run their dates or they do not run. They would never delay the start for 2 days while 5 people sit in quarantine- the tours are highly structured with bus rentals, hotel and museum reservations etc.

Lockdown mid-tour then you are in lock down. The tour would probably cancel its remaining portion and I assume RS would refund for the cancelled part of the tour. The interesting issue would be a multi country tour and only 1 country goes on lock down..again, they would probably try to restructure but may not be able to. Odds of it happening are slim to remote but it is international travel and crap can happen. There are simply no guarantees. You go with the flow.

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Only you can determine how comfortable you are with the risk of unforeseen circumstances. What is comfortable for another person may not be comfortable for you.

I have every confidence in RS Tours being able to manage the unexpected in a professional manner. These are amazing professionals that have been managing tours to Europe for years. I know we all agree that Covid and travel restrictions are a new factor, but I think they will be able to manage these as well.