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What if 2nd day covid test is positive?

We are all vaccinated and boosted, but the UK requires a covid test on day 2 of entry. If that is positive, you quarantine for 10 days. That would mean missing most/all of the tour. Is the quarantine location, ( a hotel, I presume) at our expense or does Rick Steves apply some of our tour payment for the hotel?

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If you have no symptoms, you can take 2 LFT 24 hours apart, the first being no earlier than day 6. Therefore, if both are negative, you could be released after 7 days.

You need to contact the RS office to enquire about the cost. Presumably, they have already paid for the hotel rooms that you won’t be needing if you have to isolate. It’s better to isolate in self catering accommodation rather than a hotel to minimise your exposure to others. You would need to arrange to get food delivered.

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If you test positive, you don't quarantine, you self-isolate. There is a difference.

You quarantine if you arrive from a red list country. You go to a special hotel, at your expense, for the duration.

If you test positive, you self-isolate. This means you stay put at the accomodations of your choosing. You are not supposed to leave except for certain permitted reasons. (You can search the internet for the rules.) Testing to get out is as Jennnifer stated.

Note.....the UK government does spot checks. The manager of my London hotel told me that some of their guests received phone calls to assure they were isolating.

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Didn't the UK Government last week just update the testing requirements to enter the country?
From my understanding, if you are "vaccinated" you are now free to enter the country.
If not vaccinated you do have to take the day 2 test.
It's when we travel back to the US that I'm concerned about. As of now, we still have to take a test to enter the US. I'm trying to find (in writing) what happens if I test positive before I board the plane. I think the US lowered the quarantine time to 5 days, but I don't want to be stuck in a foreign country with Covid.
All very confusing and it does change weekly. If anyone has any further updates on this, please advise. I don't leave till May so I'm hoping that all will be well by them.
Thank you.

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As of now, every American entering the UK from the USA must take a Day 2 test regardless of vacination status.

To return to the U.S., you must have a negative test taken no more than one day before your flight. (These are easy to find.)

The 5 day quarantine is for people in the USA and not for those wanting to return.

This website should answer some of your questions:

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The rule change last week has reverted to a day 2 lateral flow test rather than a PCR test. You must still pre book this test as you need the reference number for your entry papers.