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What are the hotels like on RS 9 Day Best of Italy tour?

What size beds are there?

Do they have private bathrooms?

Thanks in advance

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I don't know specifically which hotels are on that tour, as I haven't taken it. However, based on my experiences with the eight tours I've taken, the hotels have been great and all have had ensuite facilities of various types. You didn't indicate whether you were travelling solo, which makes it difficult to comment on the size of the beds.

If you want more specific information, I'd suggest sending an E-mail to the RS tour department (address shown at the bottom of this page).

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Have taken that tour. The hotels are unique, but wonderful. Some had a double bed as opposed to a queen or king, but they all had private bathrooms. TC

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Are you talking the Heart of Italy? Rome/Volterra/Cinque Terre/Florence?

Every hotel on that tour had private bathrooms. I paid a solo supplement so I had a single room which is sometimes smaller than a double room. The bed sizes differed, with the Rome hotel having the smallest room and smallest bed.

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Just to clarify I'll be traveling with my wife.

I'm somewhat confused about the definition of a "double bed." In Europe that could mean two twins pushed together or what we call a full size bed, which is smaller than a queen.

Thanks for the replies!

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Yes, sometimes they will have 2 twins pushed together and made up as one bed. My brother and SIL experienced this and yes, you can feel the division between the beds.

The hotels Rick's tours stay at are smaller, family run places. I can almost bet that you will find a different bed situation in every hotel you stay in. You will also find different showers...some with doors, some with a floor drain, some big enough to bend over in, some tiny enough you don't want to drop the soap because you will have to step out of the shower to find it. At the time it can be exasperating because it's so different, but that is what travel is all about. I am always more appreciative of my bed and shower when I return home, lol!


My husband and I did this tour last year and the hotels were great. They all had private bathrooms and plenty of room. We were very pleased with our accommodations and the tour. Have a great time!

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These days, it's very rare for any of the Rick Steves Tour hotels to have shared bathrooms. When that's the case, there will be a warning in the "Activity Level" portion of the tour description, (such as for the Scandinavia tour). Even for independent travelers, many hotels across Europe have remodeled to squeeze in a shower and toilet where they weren't before.