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Week Long Tours

What week long tours would you like to see that Rick does not have right now? Rick used to have week long Venice tours but along with Prague and Florence, but they were eliminated.

What cities warrant a week long stay? Only name cities that RS does not have week long tours.

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Budapest, Vienna, and Berlin in my opinion all deserve a week themselves rather then being split with another city or two.

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I agree with Nancy on Budapest and Vienna. (I haven't been to Berlin, so can't comment).

St Petersburg - I haven't gone yet (going in May on an RS tour that includes Helsinki and Tallinn) but I can see how I could easily spend a week and more just in St Petersburg

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Problem need to consider the target market: mostly North Americans who have the shortest vacations in the developed world (as Rick openly states). Also folks who (understandably) want to "do it all" and see as much as they can. For many, that means a "whirlwind tour" of "if it's Tuesday this must be Belgium" fame. It's a relatively much, much smaller target market who wants to stay in one big city (admittedly with plenty to see and do) and savor it for a whole week.

This wisdom of crowds + the magic of the marketplace = you can't always get what you want (unless you do it yourself).

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Berlin, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Another good one, though not a city, would be Crete.

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David: Your points are all absolutely correct - about first time visitors from the US to Europe. But Rick's tours attract a large number of repeat customers. At this point, it seems to me from anecdotes I've read here and heard in person, that on many of his tours, repeaters outnumber first-timers!

Berlin is the city that came to mind first, due to its physical size and large number of attractions. I could see how even an experienced traveler would welcome some guidance there.

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I've never done a week long tour but I wonder, if Rick won't do them, if perhaps some of his guides might want to offer them during their off-season days as Sarah is doing with her private tours.

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I'd like to see the Venice and Florence tours come back.

We actually did the Florence tour in 2009, and loved it. It was our first RS tour, and we've never looked back; we're signed up for number 15 for 2020.

And Venice is certainly worth a week, at least.

Edit to add: we had heard from one of the guides that a second week-long tour in Paris or Rome was being considered. I think the guide was specifically talking about Paris, but it would work for Rome, as well. Roma, la parte due!

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I can see a week in Berlin. We spent four nights there and didn’t see all we wanted.
We spent two weeks on Crete so I think a special week long trip there would be terrific.
Lisbon is another. Sevilla too.
I could not make it through a week in Vienna.