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Weather on the Eastern Europe tour

My husband and I signed up for the Eastern European tour at the very end of Sept and into October. My questions is what is the weather like? The average temperatures seem on the cool side and the average highs are in the 60s and 70s. What clothing did you bring for the weather or wished you had brought?

Any other hints or suggestions are welcome too☀️⛅️⚡️☔️❄️

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We went on a trip in early-mid October 2012 that included Prague, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, and Budapest. The weather was generally good, but somewhat chilly so layers were important. I liked having a warm vest and scarf that were easy to wear as needed. Of course I am from Houston, so I am used to fairly warm and humid temperatures.

This year we did a cruise along the Dalmatian coast (Croatia, Slovenia) in mid-September and the weather was absolutely beautiful, clear and sunny for the most part. It would get cool in the morning and evening though so it was good to have a light jacket. During the day was fairly warm and a few brave souls went swimming, but the water was a little cool for me. We did hear from the ship's crew that the previous week was very rainy and there were even some water spouts they had to dodge!

Any long trip will most likely have a few rainy days, so don't forget some type of rain gear.

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Have you gone to the Eastern Europe Tour page and clicked on the WEATHER listing towards the bottom of the page yet? That will give you some ideas as well as what is listed in the RS Eastern Europe Guide Book. If you do not have this guide book yet, it happens to be on sale elsewhere on this web site right now. I have taken 12 RS tours so far and when traveling I always try to take clothing that I can layer as needed. However, I do not take real warm clothes when I travel in southern Europe in the warm season. I took the Eastern Europe Tour a few years ago but I tend to take his tours during the spring or early fall to avoid the summer crowds and therefore did not take any real warm weather for that tour. I am sure that you will be hitting much cooler weather than I experienced.
I certainly enjoyed that tour - a real mind expanding for me. Happy travels.

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Since the water has been heating up all summer, I have swum in sheltered parts of the Mediterranean in October on several occasions, including in Croatia. On my last Eastern Europe tour in early October, my layerable clothing included capri pants but not shorts, both sandals and closed shoes, both short sleeves and long, rain coat, light sweater, light scarf. My rain coat happened to have gloves in the pocket, which I loaned to a fellow tour member onboard a breezy boat ride in Plitvice Park (there had been rain overnight and a cool morning). Check the weather report a few days before you leave to make final adjustments.

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Hi Jennifer,
I work in the Tour Department and I am also a guide for Rick. I use and we recommend this site as well to our tour members. I find that it is quite accurate and not only can you get the averages but you can zoom in on the country and also the specific city and detail it with the daily or weekly forecasts. As we all know, weather will do what it wants, but I really rely on it when heading with my group into the Alps so I can guess as best as possible as to which day/s will be our best outdoor hiking option. It also helps me prepare for packing.

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Jen, we were on this tour sep 28-oct 7. Here is my thoughts - bring a pair of capris, forget the shorts. Capris are good for warm days but nights come quick and are still cool. Also, the big cities you visit, capris are not always the fashion choice if locals. Good for the coast or hot rural areas. Jeans are still a universal pant, bring nice ones and pair with black tops for evening, with scarves and a few bangles for a nights "out". A rain jacket is essential, it rained in Poland and Croatia, Krakow was quite damp when we were there, but oh so lovely!!!!! I brought a couple dresses, and never wore them. I did bring leggings and longer style tops and also a jean skirt with black tights and wore them out!! I brought sandals, sturdy type and wished I hadn't. I could have used a pair of nice flats instead and had them for evenings. Walking through the day required good walking shoes, but the evenings when you had dinner or a play or just sitting In a square having a drink, I wished I had nicer flats to wear, other than sturdy shoes and runners. Some on our tour had clothing you could wash in the sink, while handy to do that in a few places, we did laundry at laundrymats instead. However, after Budapest, there is no Opportunity for that, so sink washing was handy. The weather can be guessed but not predicted. Layers , black, jeans, skirts, leggings, clothing by FIG, all work well. Good luck and let us know how it went. Was a wonderful trip for us!