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Warm clothes for Best of England Beginning June 2?

I have been comparing temperatures for the last month or so of Denver (where we live) and several of the places we will visit on our tour. They seem fairly similar. I have noticed that temperatures start dropping around 4 Pm in England and that is usually the warmest part of the day here. I plan on layering
But wonder if I should include more warmer stuff than hot weather stuff. With humidity in England being much higher than CO, I expect that the cold will be more penetrating... or am I all wet in my assumptions! Comments from those having taken this trip. Tips? Thanks.

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Well, I'd be prepared to layer. I'd take a waterproof jacket as my outer layer, then just one long sleeve shirt for under that with the option of short sleeves. I don't think on the Best of England you'd need as much as a puffy vest in June altho I have frozen my bee-hind off at Hadrian's Wall in July. I'd throw in some glove liners.

My current layering piece is a LS Macy's Ideology brand dri-fit quarter zip. Last May I started out nearly every day in London and on the Villages of Southern England trip with this on over a SS Land's End cotton/modal Tee. I also wore it every day in Scotland and just got back from Belgium and Holland and wore them (have acquired a new one too, lol) every day.

I'd not think you'd need "hot weather" stuff. What pieces are you thinking with this? I'd take a pair of capris or crop pants in case it got hot but I'd just wear them with my SS tees. Doubt you'd need shorts if that is what you are thinking?

Here is a link to my Trip Report from last May/early June for Villages of Southern England.

This is a wonderful trip! I did it in Sept of 2015 and my time on that trip was excellent.

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Denver in May would be a good comparison for London. Can be hot and can be cold and damp. Always have a light weight rain jacket shell that is worn, if needed, over a fleece vest or even a long sleeve fleece. I have will a couple short sleeve shirts, one long sleeve shirt and a light weight sweatshirt style with collar pull-over. The weather is very changeable for be prepared for a little of everything -- it will not snow.

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It shouldn’t be cold in June nor very rainy. Having said that, it’s been 10 degrees here today and it was 20 degrees during the warm spell in February, so it’s difficult to predict. Humidity levels don’t feel high in south east England.

It doesn’t usually feel cool until 7pm or beyond, but early mornings could be cooler. Likewise, I have caught the 7.23am train into London in June with just a sleeveless dress, carrying my jacket as it’s been too warm. Bring layers.

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Unless you are really sensitive you are not going to feel "penetrating cold" in June.
The weather is changeable and unpredictable so layers is the way to go. There is a reason why British women tend to have a wardrobe of cardigans!
I wouldn't expect temperatures to drop at 4pm, later in the evening would be more usual.

One thing to be aware of us how the weather can vary around the country. Generally the west is wetter than the east and the south is warmer than the north. So if you are moving around you are likely to experience some variety.

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Just for those who are answering - the Best of England (or as the guides call it Best of Britain) overnights in Bath, Stow-on-the-Wold, Conwy, Keswick, York and ends in London for a couple of nights.

You'll likely have the coolest temps in Keswick and York and on that day in between when you stop at Hadrian's Wall. Have your layers in your "bus bag" for that day because even if it looks nice in Keswick it might feel like another planet on Hadrian's Wall.

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Thanks to all who responded. I think I will rethink my clothing mix.

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We were on this tour early Fall last year. Visiting Caernarfon Castle I was so cold I bought another sweater; i was wearing a t-shirt, shirt, and light down jacket (the kind you might see people wearing around a city, not the heavy-duty camping kind). Ironically it felt warmer after that day so I didn't end up wearing everything at the same time.

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As others have said, plan layers. Rainproof outer shell (very lightweight), a fleece or other light jacket, Shirts (long sleeve) that could layer (one looser shirt, maybe a tighter thermal shirt) or wear by themselves.

If you get there and it really turns cold, just pop into a store and look at a sweater or shirt to add to the mix, a nice souvenir.

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I recently returned from the Best of Scotland tour, mid-April, 2019. I’m from Boise, Idaho. The weather was delightful (just like home) except for the northwest coast when extremely weird nor’easterlies shut down the ferries. I wore shorts 11 of 14 days, even got a tan.

I know from layering. Long sleeve zip shirt, merino wool sweater, down jacket, waterproof coat, buff, and gloves. Easy.

Don’t freak out over the weather that may or may not happen. Be prepared. Do not overpack, It’s just like home in Denver except a bit more humid.

You’re going to have a wonderful time.

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We were in England for 2 weeks in early June last year. Daytime temps ranged from about 80 degrees down to low 50s during the time we were there. London was the farthest south we were and York was the farthest north. Layers are the way to go. On the chilly days we wore Patagonia Nano-Puff jackets and/or waterproof-breathable shells.