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Want to extend our 9 day Italy tour.

After the 9 day Italy tour ends in Florence on July 17, my friend and I want to spend 3 or 4 more days in one place near the water. We would love to get to Sorrento and/or Amalfi.

What would be the best way to travel from Florence to that region?

( Maybe, instead, go back to Cinique Terra which is included on our tour? )

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HI, since you're only staying overnight at 4 locations, I would skip going back to Cinque Terre. If you would like to go to the Amalfi Coast, would you like to go there before your RS tour begins since your starting point is Rome?

I'll throw out another idea. Since you're ending in Florence, you could take the train up to Stresa on Lake Maggiore - beautiful islands to explore, lots of history of old elegance. And, you could do a day trip boat up the lake into the edge of Switzerland. Look at "Stresa view" on Google images for pictures of Stresa & the mountains to see if that appeals to you. It's a convenient location to then fly back home from Milan.

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That's the Heart of Italy tour, right? Well, Venice is water, water everywhere (and a beach at Lido). Or one of the lakes (I haven't been to any yet). Jean's suggestion sounds good to me. Or maybe Como or Garda.

Sorrento/Amalfi is a long trip, because of the various transportation means you need to use there and back. Most flights to the US leave in the morning, so you'll want to spend your last night near your departure airport. I'd only consider Sorrento or Amalfi with a flight home from Naples and a private transfer to the airport.

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I appreciate your suggestions! Re-thinking. Perhaps take a train to Venice and spend 3 nights.

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Train from Florence to Sorrento is 4-1/2 hrs, I don't think that's so bad. What airport are you leaving from when you go home? That may determine which area makes more sense.

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Agree with Nancy. If you get a morning start (before 9am) you could be in Sorrento by 1pm. I don't think schedules are available that far out, but currently there is a 8:08am train from Florence.

Sorrento is beautiful! RS guide hits it right on, try having dinner at one of the places on the little harbor. And you can take the bus down to Positano and/or Amalfi for a day.

Note, though, that in Sorrento at least the notion of "beach" is a misnomer. The coast is very steep, instead down at the harbor they have floating docks where you can rent lounge chairs and an umbrella. We did that, it was fun. Positano and Amalfi have actual sand beaches, and there are some near Sorrento too.