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Vietnam and Cambodia

Although not a European topic, I would like to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia before my trip to Eastern Europe with Rick 2022.
Anyone recommend a tour group for the region of Vietnam and Cambodia? Thanks, Carol

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I would highly recommend Scenic USA which is an Australian company with branches in the US. It is mainly a river cruise on the Mekong which starts either in Hanoi or Siem Reap depending on the tour you choose. We did this tour in March a few years ago and it was absolutely fabulous. It was all inclusive. Once you paid for the tour, you didn’t have to open your wallet again. There were excursions in the morning and the afternoon all included and entertainment at night. Although the ship took 100 passengers, you were divided into 25 person groups with your own tour guide so it felt more akin to a RS tour in that respect. The ship was gorgeous, wonderful large cabins, great food, sights and experiences, staff. All that being said, it is unclear what the covid situation will be in that area early next year. You should also consider what the temps will be when you plan to go. It was pretty hot and humid when we went in March. Luckily there was a laundry on the ship so we could wash and dry (and press) our clothes as needed or your could pay to have your onboard butler do this for you (the one thing you would have to pay for if you chose to go that route). Also consider what their refund policy is should that tour not depart because of covid. I believe they were giving vouchers for last year’s canceled tours.

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It’s been a while since I used them, but look up Insider Journeys.

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Sarah Murdoch, one of Rick's Italy guides, has done some Cambodia tours. She works with Imprint Tours for those. Keep in mind that at present, they have a 2 week quarantine requirement for each country, so it gets more challenging. I expect that will all alter as vaccines and time goes by but not each country is well vaccinated and though their covid numbers were low, they also don't have a solid health infrastructure to cope with a pandemic, so I anticipate a cautious loosening if the quarantine requirements. Keep that in mind.

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211 posts I have been to Vietnam twice with add one of Laos and Cambodia..each time 4 weeks. Seamless travel with 365 with all the wonderful and necessary well as hiking and biking. Fantastic countries and the staff at 365 did a great job. Their site has great suggestions but if u email them...let them know your preferences..they can create an itinerary at no charge and will work with you. You will enjoy those countries..good luck planning!

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What dates? Frankly as it looks now Europe will be open before Asia opens to tourism - a statement I would not have made 3 months ago- which is how fast stuff changes.

SE Asia did really well early on but is now fighting a big second wave and they have VERY low vaccination rates

Until vaccination rates improve I doubt there will be much/any tourism until 2023