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Vienna - waltz question

Heading off on third RS tour - this time to Berlin to Vienna. My husband (whom to my memory has never danced but is a huge Hapsburg history fan) wants to "waltz" in Vienna. I've given him (us) waltz lessons at a local studio for Father's Day - lol. We're staying after the tour ends for a couple of nights. Having never been to Vienna (hence the RS tour) I haven't a clue if there are venues for just dropping in to "waltz" (I'd much prefer a "Third Man" sewer tour, frankly). So...I guess that is my first question. Are there such places? I cannot find any references in a RS guide book to verify and cannot find any answers on the Trip Advisor forum either (but so far, haven't posed a question).

Second question - if there are such places - are there dress requirements? I subscribe thoroughly to the RS "travel light" mandate and I am usually found in jeans and don't want to schlep extra clothes in my small bag. I suppose I could always buy something in Vienna that looks like a skirt.

Appreciate any input. Thanks.

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I have no advice re waltzing in Vienna, but I must say I like the idea, though I'm with you, much rather do The Third Man tour.

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I do not know if there are ballrooms in Vienna; what I know is that classic music establishments during the Carnival season have great dancing galas - the most important being the Wiener Philarmoniker ball, often attended by the president and several VIPs and whose ticket are reportedly hard to find. As far as I know, dress code for those galas are very strict - long night gown for ladies and black tie and tuxedo for gentlemen.

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How very romantic of him! If all else fails download a waltz to your smart phone or ithing and have a waltz in the Burggarten or the courtyard of the Hofburg Palace - or both!

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How good is he with the regular 1-2-3 waltz? How much experience do you have waltzing fast in a circle in a big group/crowd?Viennese waltz is much faster. It's not the same as the regular waltz. One usually have to take lesson to learn how to do the Viennese waltz.
Years ago when I was in Vienna, there was a free show by pros in the city park. It might be a better idea to just watch the pros.

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Thanks everyone. I'm getting the idea that there just aren't places to pop into and "waltz". LOL I'm not disappointed, believe me.

Christi - yeah - he's already thought about downloading a Strauss on his Iphone and going to a park. I'm not so sure.

Chun - We're just getting used to the American waltz - our instructor has demonstrated the Viennese version with the turns and the speed. I think just watching professionals will do it for me.

Aps2 - going in early October - and I don't think formal attire would fit either of us - jeans, hiking boots, and flip-flops are what we're most confortable in. LOL

Christa - I've been promised at least a Third Man walking tour - above ground. Love that movie.

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Julie - go for it - hiking boots, flip-flops and all! You will never see any of those people again and actually any onlookers will probably applaud! I know I would. You only live once - don't leave Vienna regretting you did not do it.

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Public parks and squares are fair game. Buskers may already be performing. Maybe you'll pick up some money, too. Rick's book mentions ballroom dances on summer (May-Aug) Sunday evenings at 18:00 at, however, I don't find any corroborating info there for the rest of August.

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Julie pack your dancing shoes! There is a dance studio right next to the hotel we stayed in in Vienna. We went in and checked it out, there were dozens of couples learning to waltz. Sadly we couldn't join them because we didn't have our dancing shoes with us. I don't have the name of the hotel at my fingertips, but it is in the guidebook and the one that our tour group stayed in. PM me and I will dig it out if you like. It was the second door down to the left as you exit the hotel, on the same side of the street.

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Julie, as a fan of "The Third Man" I hope you're going to the Prater to take a spin on the Riesenrad! I had my "Third Man" moment in 2012 when my BF and I rode it. Nice views.

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I can't help with waltzing,but we have been to Vienna on our own several times as well as the other locations on this tour. Feel free to send me a private message if you want ideas. Not to miss: coffee and dessert in a Vienna cafe and the Eagle's Nest tour. Be sure to miss: any concert being hawked by a guy in a wig and the Sound of Music tour. From symphony to opera there are a myriad of "real" classical music experiences that can be booked at the last minute. Dress code is not as strict as you might think. If you have black pants and a pretty scarf you are good to go.