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Very Tall Traveler

Hi. My husband and I always plan travel independently. We are considering a 2019 RS Venice, Florence, Rome trip with 3 or 4 days added on to each end of the trip. It would be our first ever tour. I spend a significant amount of time reviewing apartments and hotels we rent since my husband is 6'6" tall. If we can't sleep well, we are pretty much cranky and uncomfortable the next day. I'm looking for feedback from people who have taken RS tours to see if height is ever considered when assigning a room and if hotels that are part of the experience even have larger beds. I would be pretty disappointed if we were told we had a "double" room and when we got there it was a US sized double or queen bed. It would make for an uncomfortable trip. Thoughts? Ideas?

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Not sure what you are asking. A double room means one bed for two people. A twin means two single beds for two people. Sometimes the double will be two twins sheeted together. Rooms with two double or queen size beds are not common at least in the lower star hotels - if that is what you are asking for. I approach your husband's height and have just learned over many, many years to sleep with my feet hanging over the end - even at home.

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Our experience is that most rooms have a double bed or, more likely, two twins which are sheeted together, approaching queen size. I have never seen a king sized bed in a RS tour hotel.

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I kind of get the idea that the hotels offered probably won't have larger than a US Queen bed size. I appreciate the comments and feedback. Thank you.

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My husband is 6'6" and we have taken 7 Rick Steves tours. Whenever I fill out the tour form, I say he is that tall and we would like two beds. Every time we have been able to get that. It works for us. It is really not the beds, but the showers as sometimes they are pretty small. However, we laugh at it and say it is just part of the fun of travel.

Outside of the tours, we have traveled independently and have stayed at several Marriott hotels. They have king beds most of the time. If the bed is the main concern, then you could look at a hotel like that.

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I suggest you call the Rick Steves office and ask. He's tall, isn't he? RS may know of a limited number of longer beds available in the hotels they use for such scenarios. If this audience isn't that tall, I doubt that type of bed would have been assigned so our information would be limited.

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The Dutch are the tallest nation and they seem to manage alright in European bedrooms.

Length wise beds are 200cm (203cm in USA). Trim your toenails and you'll fit in.

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My husband is 6'3" and I vaguely recall being assigned a certain room on one stop of the RS Scandinavia tour based on his height. We hadn't requested anything special, but the tour guide was very good at anticipating the tour members' needs.

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I am also 6'6".....I have not encountered a problem with the European hotel room accommodations so far.
Of much greater concern for me is airplane leg room (or lack of it). Blimey!

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Perhaps its "unromantic" but when we travel in Europe, I request twin beds. Seems to work better when beds are not U.S. queens or kings or vary in comfort, because then each sleeper can make more adjustments without impacting the other so much.

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I'm 6'3 and as long as there isn't an 'end' to the bed I'm quite happy with my feet dangling out under the covers, in fact I prefer it.