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Venice over Easter weekend, 2022

My wife and I will be doing the 2023 VFR tour. Because of her vacation schedule at work, one of the options is the tour that starts 4/10 (Easter Monday), which means we would be flying into Venice either Saturday or Easter Sunday. Did anyone do the 2022 iteration of this tour and, if so, how was Venice as far as crowds? There are several similar pre-pandemic posts regarding this topic, but I'm searching for more recent intel.

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While I wasn't on a tour, I was in Venice for Easter 2022. I arrived on Thursday and by Saturday morning it was definitely a lot more crowded, even more on Easter Sunday. I didn't have tickets booked so I wasn't able to go to the Peggy Guggenheim museum. I was happy to go to other places like the Frari Church that were less crowded. I didn't make dinner reservations so just went where I could get a table (which was pretty easy as I was traveling solo).

My advice would be that if you have specific things you wanted to see/do, places you wanted to eat I'd recommend reservations.