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Venice, Germany, France and England tour?

I'm planning the 25th wedding anniversary for my wife and I. We must see Venice because when we were married our honeymoon in Venice was canceled because I was in the military. I would like to see Germany and she would like to see France but we both would like to see England. Is there a tour that covers Italy to England in April 2019?

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The Best of Europe in 14 days and 21 days both visit Germany, France and Venice. The 21 day visits more of each country. It would be easy to start your trip by flying in to London for a few days and then head over to either Paris (14day) or Haarlem (21 day). That would cover everything on your want list. You don't have to wait until 2019. How about surprising her with a 23rd anniversary trip in 2017?

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I agree with Janet that you could easily add London on your own to the beginning of either the 14 or 21 day best of Europe tours. You could also do London on your own after either of the tours, which would make sense if you've never traveled independently before and want to practice what you learn on the tour. The 21 day tour ends in Paris and you could take the Eurostar from there to London, or the 14 day tour ends in Rome and you could get a budget flight from there to London. Either would be easy for you after getting lots of helpful tips while on the tour.

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I don't know if they plan that far ahead, but how about Best of Europe 21-day followed be Best of London 7-day.

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I'll just add that I suggest you order the tour catalog and tour DVD! To me it is just easier to flip back and forth when comparing itineraries rather than online.

If we do talk you in to the 14 or 21 day tours...April is too early for the Switzerland portion. Better to go in June even if your anniversary is in April.

BTW, I am also in the carpe diem camp...don't wait. Do it next year. You don't know what will happen by 2019!

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@Pam, our BOE 21 day tour started in Amsterdam on April 19. Other than missing a hike or two, Switzerland was fine. We still walked the valley floor, went atop the Schilthorn, and could have done the hike to/from Murren had I had the energy! The issue would obviously be the varying change in climates and packing for a wide range of temperatures. I also would have loved to do more than stick my big toe in the Mediterranean!

To the OP, if you haven't had much experience with European travel, I do think it's a good idea to add the London part of the trip for after the tour. You will learn so much about the transit systems in various city's and having that experience under you belt will surely give you some confidence in handling London!

What a sweet surprise you are planning!