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Venice, Florence & Rome in 10 Days Tour Fri, March 24, 2023 — Sun, April 2, 2023

Hi All !!

So...I've been using Rick's guide for travel in Europe for years...France, UK, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, etc. etc...travelling through-the-back door so to speak !! I've been reading through all the articles and watching all his travel talk on Italy as of late. This is a bucket list trip for me....very personal as my Dad fought in Italy during WWII. However, I have never taken (to date) any of his actual tours. He has a 10 day tour of Venice, Florence and Rome...all the places I was tentatively planning to visit on my first journey to Italy. So I though what-the-heck....let's do Rick's organized tour !! I signed my wife and I up and we're both thrilled !!!!

Plans - We're flying into Venice two days before the tour starts to deal with jetlag and then staying in Rome for 4 days after the tour ends so I can visit Monte Cassino in honor of of my Dad. In WWII, he climbed the jagged and treacherous slopes under heavy enemy fire to finally reach the devastated Abbey. He also participated in the liberation of Ancona and Bologna.

Anyone have any tips or insight for the tour? I'm really psyched !! Any members on the board participating in the tour? I would love to connect !!!



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We love Italy - we did this tour a few years ago and it is absolutely fantastic. My only word of caution is March and April can be VERY rainy - esp in Venice.

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I loved this tour in 2018. Like you, I added days before and after in Venice and Rome, since the tour can't possibly cover all these cities offer. I got around Venice with a multi-day vaporetto pass. I suggest that you review closely the tour's day-by-day itinerary, then use a guidebook to figure out what else you want to do with your time before and after, as well as your free time during the tour.

I expect Monte Cassino will be at least a full day. On the way between Venice and Florence, our tour bus stopped for an hour or so at the American military cemetery north of Florence. One of the staff there told us something about WWII in Italy, and we had some time to look around. I believe all the US soldiers who died north of Rome, and whose families did not want their bodies brought home, are buried there, and there's another cemetery south of Rome for those who died in that part of Italy. Your father may have had friends buried in both cemeteries. I don't know that all the RS tours stop there, it's not on the itinerary. But it was a meaningful addition to ours.

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I think there are some local tours that visit M Cassino from Rome.

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Hi Vic! You'll have a wonderful time! Although I've never done this tour, on 2 other RS tours we had a surprise stop at the Florence American Cemetery which was very poignant. I'd ask your guide on the first day if there are any plans to make a quick stop there when you are out and about on the bus. To me, I think this should be a must for any RS tour, plus the bathrooms are really nice, much better than the AutoGrill, lol!

I found this link to a Loyola Student's Guide to Rome and WWII from a link on Trip Advisor a number of years ago. It gave some good background on WWII in Rome. I thought on my Best of Italy tour I might have time to get to some of the places, but no, I did not. Still an interesting document to at least skim over.

I'm glad you are taking time before and after the tour for more exploration on your own!

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Hi there, we took that tour at almost the same time of year 10 years are so good-you will become hooked.

We also arrived a few days early and took advantage of going to see the islands for lace and glass blowing and just wandering the city. Was lovely to relax a bit before the tour. You will see a ton! And if you want more, and like museums, there is time in Florence to go to the Bargello museum and see the Donatello David and of course pick up some leather if like in the city too. I still have a lovely bomber jacket that they had time to shorten the sleeves so it fits perfect!

We added 5 more days in Rome and moved hotels to closer to the Campo di Fiore to make things more walkable - not sure where your hotel is going to be, but we really liked the area. Also loved being able to go to the Borghese gallery - get your tickets now if you don't have them already.

Happy travels.

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One thing of note—Easter is April 9 so Rome will be busy! We visited a few days prior to that week before our Sicily tour which started on Palm Sunday (April 2 this year). There was a lot of traditional pageantry in Italy in the weeks around Easter. And a lot of religious tourists. Enjoy the pageantry.

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Thanks All !!

So much fantastic info that is much appreciated !!

There's another tour post in the forum regarding "free time" on this specific tour in each of the cities so I need to check out the tour itinerary and then plan to visit other sites-of-interest during the free time. I appreciate the suggestions....please keep them coming!?!

Travel days seem pretty concentrated per the post with little or no free time and that's OK. I'm a wine guy and would love to tour Piemonte and Tuscany but will leave that for another trip. My Dad also was part of the liberation of Ancona and Bologna which might tie in to a second "wine" trip !!!

On a side note - families who lost loved ones in WWII had the opportunity bring their solders home for burial in 1948. Prior to this many GIs were located in temporary burial grounds in the areas where they fell. This reparation was completely covered by the government. Many families chose to do just this...those that remained are in the American Battle Monuments cemeteries across Europe and the Pacific. I have visited the American cemetery in Normandy and its a profound and humbling experience.

So excited !!!

Thanks !!!