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Venice, Florence and Rome 10 Days - Aug 19

Hi all - I will be traveling solo on the above tour and wanted to connect with my fellow travelers beforehand. This is my first time on a RS tour, to Italy and solo. Would love tips as I am a young woman traveler, turning 25 the day before the tour starts. Thanks!

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Allison, while I'm not on your tour, I've done three RS tours as a solo woman, including yours--VFR. On the first two, there was one other woman alone. On the third, I was the only solo person. I enjoyed getting to know all my fellow travelers and often joined couples for meals. On VFR, I often ate with a family group of a mother and two daughters. Being alone was never an issue; I enjoy rambling around on my own, and I need my alone time after being with the group. On my second trip, the rest of the group kind of assumed that the other solo woman and I would want to hang out together, and that wasn't always the case (although we liked each other just fine). I loved the VFR tour and hope you have a wonderful time.