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Vaccine Card - Ireland

I see that one of the travel recommendations is to bring your vaccine card. Is that still necessary in Ireland? Here in the states it never comes up. Will be going to Ireland this August.

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Well, I've not traveled to Ireland since Covid but have traveled to Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and England. I am carrying mine just like I carry my passport. My concern is what if something happens while I am traveling and I suddenly need to show it.

I'm sure others have given up carrying it completely.

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I am carrying mine just like I carry my passport. My concern is what if something happens while I am traveling and I suddenly need to show it.

Listen to Pam. Better safe than sorry. Keep it with your passport and that's one less thing to worry about.

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I still carry it in my wallet, even in the states and Canada. It's probably an old Girl Scout thing.....Be Prepared.

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We took ours on a recent trip to Paris with zero expectation of needing to show it to someone. Had it with our passports, just in case...

However at home in the US it never leaves the house.

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If you are on a Rick Steves tour, then one of the requirements is to show your vaccination card as proof that you have been vaccinated for Covid.

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I spent a month cycling the perimeter of Ireland last summer. Neither Covid nor a vaccination card was ever mentioned or was an issue. No one wore a mask anywhere. Not on trains, in restaurants, pubs, sites, etc.

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I think vaccination is still a requirement for RS tours, as reported here. That means you should bring proof. There's no downside to having it on a card or your phone, and a big downside to not having it. Ireland doesn't require it, but RS does. If in doubt, contact the tour office or review the materials they send you.

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So the Vaccine Card can be electronically stored on your phone (official app, not photo), instead of the physical paper, right?

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I have both sides of my card stored as photos on my iCloud, but I keep it in my luggage in case it would be needed for some reason to keep traveling or return home.

Yes, the RS tour guide physically reviewed them before our initial group meet up time.

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No one cares about Covid vaccine cards anymore except RS Tours, and you can show photo of card on your phone to RS guide. That’s what we did for 2 RS tours this year. RS is not requiring vaccinations for 2024 tours. I am retiring my card!

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I take mine just in case policies change while I’m traveling. I keep it with my passport.

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I have a passport case with two sides. One side holds my passport and the other side holds both my Covid vaccination record and my International Certificate of Vaccination Card which holds all my other immunizations that could be required for travel. It is easy to bring with me.

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We’re bringing ours on our next trip even though it’s not required.

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Do I need to bring my original vaccination card with me on tour?

If you're on a tour departing between Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2023, you will need to show a valid vaccination card to your guide on the first day of your tour. In addition, you should either scan or photograph both sides of your card and keep the digital copy on an easily accessible device, such as your phone.