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Looking for tour including Milan and Turin. Is anything available? If not, is it safe for two women to travel there? Thank you

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Certainly it is safe and Turin is one of Italy's most under appreciated cities. I okke it mucb better than Milan.

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None of Rick's tours go there. But both cities are interesting. I agree Turin is under appreciated.

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Just agreeing with the other replies. It's unlikely you'll find an escorted tour that goes to Turin, as these tours focus on the "brand names" like Venice, Florence, and Rome. However, there is absolutely no reason you can't go on your own. And Turin is indeed an underrated destination; it's also very different from other Italian cities.

Rick has a good chapter on Milan in his Italy book. He does not cover Turin, so you'll have to supplement with other resources.

There are buses a few times a day from Milan Malpensa airport right to Turin, or you can of course take a train between the two cities.

Just what are your safety concerns? If you specify, we can give better and more specific reassurance.

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Thanks to all. We are two seniors from US, who do not know the language and don’t want to get lost on the wrong train. 🙂

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I just got back from a few days in Turin. Nice city, easy to get around. I don't speak any Italian - didn't need to. I did a self-guided tour but did take a two hour walking tour (in English).

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We really enjoyed our time in Torino and felt safe there. We stayed at TownHouse 70 Hotel which was modern with more space than a usual hotel room. The breakfast was excellent with lots of fresh choices. We would stay there again. It’s located very close to the Royal Palace. Just take a taxi from the train station if you’re worried after taking a bus. The trains are easy to ride; many people ride them.

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Here is a link to a Road Scholar tour that spends just a few hours in Turin and a short time in Milan. It looks like an interesting tour despite the short time in your target cities.

I've done a number of Road Scholar tours as well as Rick Steves tours. I'll use Road Scholar when they have an itinerary that Rick doesn't cover.

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In Turin and around,
Do not miss:
The Egyptian Museum
The cinema Museum
The car museum
The Basilica dI Superga
The Sagra San Michele Abbey
The Torino Collina when e you have the Castello della Regina
Them a little south os Turin, you have the Asti, Alba and Alta Langa where Barolo, Nebielo and Barbera are Made.
Try to eat at least one of the following:
Vitello tonnato or Vittel Tonne
Some dishes with porcini or truffles if you are there early Autumn
Have a true Torino Aperitivo. Apéritivi started in Turin then in Milano and booth cities are best cities for tasting one.
Should you not be able to ho to the Scala in Milan, try the opera in Turin, either afternoon or at 8 pm. It is on Piazza Castello.

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If you want to buy a single chapter from Lonely Planet, e.g. for a destination not covered in Rick's book, they're currently selling PDF versions for $3.50. That's what I used when I went to Turin.

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If you're interested, the automobile museum in Turin is amazing.