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Trip picture ornaments

Tonight I am taking off my Christmas ornaments off our tree. I thought I would share an idea for this year with the forum. Some of y’all probably have already done this, but if not , try it out. I enjoyed them this year, reminiscing about these trips.

My husband and I have been on six RS tours together. Plus another I went on without him. All my pictures are still on my phone. I decided to go to Shutterfly and make Christmas ornaments with photos of each one of our trips. I chose the metal scalloped ornament, two sided, with four pictures on each side (total of eight pics). One side also has the year, other side has the RS tour ie: 2018 - RS Scotland Tour.

Give it a try sometime.

Happy New Year


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That's fun. Another angle on this is to make those trip patches into ornaments as well. In addition, I usually make some sort of unusual ornament my souvenir for the trip. When I put up my tree I have all sorts of fun memories.

I also added a very corny, "2021 - First year retired" ornament to my collection this year and enjoyed the silliness and sentiment of it.

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Actually our primary souvenirs from trips are ornaments. They generally are inexpensive, small, and significant to where we have traveled. We can easily cover one tree now.

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What a great idea Kim. I make scrapbooks of every trip through Snapfish. Going to check and see what they offer. Thank you.

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Another one who buys Christmas ornaments during our vacations. Those and fridge magnets. The ornaments make the tree extra special. Our family has had lots of conversations and laughs as we trim the tree over the years. The magnets become wallpaper except the times I stop and really take a look and go on those trips in my mind.

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Like Frank and Luv2Travel, we always buy ornaments, or small items that can be used as ornaments (e.g. keychains) as our souvenirs when we travel. We've been doing this for at least 20 years now, so decorating our tree always brings back fond memories of our trips. :)

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Hi Kim, great idea! We use Shutterfly to memorialize our trips with ornaments, wall calendars, and coffee mugs. A nice way to remember our travels.

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I love this idea! I forgot to get an ornament on our most recent trip this past summer, so I will make one to order so that we have it for in the future. I think I'll make one for Italy and one for Switzerland.

FYI- I saw that Shutterfly has a promotion today (ends January 9) and you can get ornaments for $8 with the code FROST. (I am not affiliated with them at all, just passing along a deal I saw).

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Another person who brings back ornaments or other trinkets to hang on our Xmas tree - they do not take up much room and do not weigh much. I love the Shutterfly idea for photos. Thanks!

I also collect charms for charm bracelets - probably have over 250 charms so far...