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Trip insurance refund

Sorry if this subject has been addressed previously. If your RS tour is cancelled, are the insurance companies offering refunds or credits?

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I had an annual Allianz Travel policy--bought in November. Last month I sent an e-mail & asked if I could cancel it. I received a full refund of the annual premium. All I had to do was ask.

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I contacted Travel Guard and they said to send them an email which I did requesting my premium back and they credited my credit card. So yes, contact your insurance company and request the premium refund.

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Had Travelex and was able to file online. Money back on the credit card in 1 week. Canceled a trip to Kauai and forgot to ask for the premium (different company). Submitted after the trip should have been over and got a credit. So, request your refund before the trip start date.

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My trip insurance was with Nationwide. I did not have Cancel For Any Reason. With their guidance, I submitted evidence of my RS tour and flights having been cancelled by the providers, with those payments fully refunded. As an exception to their usual practices, they refunded the full policy amount.

If I had postponed my travels, I could have requested a Trip Postponement for up to 18 months.
I don't know what the result would have been had I cancelled my own travels.

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Ronporkorski, are you asking about getting a refund of your insurance premiums because you cannot use the insurance OR getting your prepaid expenses (excluding RS tour) repaid to you ? Very different questions. (And yes, there are MANY posts asking each question.)

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Buckle up! This is gonna be a bumpy insurance ride.

I was one of the many who requested an insurance refund from Travel Guard and got the canned response related to this quote: "You may cancel this insurance by giving the Company or the agent written notice within the first to occur of the following: (a) 15 days from the Effective Date of your insurance; or (b) your scheduled Departure Date. If you do this, the Company will refund your premium paid provided no insured has filed a claim under this Policy. After this 15 day period, the premium is non-refundable."

I got the vouchers like most people have mentioned on other threads that talk about Travel Guard insurance.

Then I saw Ann from New York's posting above and started a PM discussion with her about the timeline details of her policy that might have affected her getting one so easily. Bottom line was that we both had purchased our policies months ago and the effective dates for both were the day after purchase. Both our departures were in May, although not the same day in May.


I got through to Travel Guard today by using the Rick Steves number (800-400-9509). The first number I tried (800-826-5248) was a refund contact number and it dropped me out completely without even any elevator music to listen to.

I learned a lot from Blake. If you call that RS number, ask for him.

Lessons learned:

  1. New York is the only state whose insurance laws require that you get a refund.

  2. From Travel Guard, the rest of us can really only get a travel insurance refund if we cancel within 15 days of the effective date of our policy. There's a slight chance of getting one after that under rare circumstances.

  3. The only other way to be eligible for a refund is if you buy Medevac/medical insurance only. In that case the effective date is the same as the start date, i.e. the date of departure.

I pointed out to Blake that many people on the forum have reported successfully getting refunds from other companies. He said that they knew that at Travel Guard and have discussed it, but have not made any changes. Anyone want to bet that they will? Not me.

If possible, I'm going to post an edited version of this report on other threads if needed. Just sayin'.

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Since this is giving experiences that could be useful to others in the future, here goes. We have two policies, a yearly policy and one we bought for a specific purpose.

Yearly policy: Seven Corners company immediately answered the phone and issued a prorated refund.

Specific policy: Generali Global Assistance 1. confusing telephone tree 2. waited 30 minutes listening to their music and then the company said I had waited long enough and to call back, new dial tone. 3. filled out the on-line claim form with photo IDs, credit card statements, tickets, until the system claimed ERROR and wouldn't let me upload more required info, save or continue.
4. Will start all over again.

Next trip, I will keep in mind which company provided what services.

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I contacted Travel Guard and they told me to send their email "refund.TravelGuard". I just got a reply saying they have refused my request for a refund since I took out the policy in November of last year as soon as I made my first payment for my trip so that I would be covered for pre-existing conditions. They stated that I only have 15 days to cancel my policy and get a refund. I will be more careful in the future. I have used TG for 9 years and am disappointed in their rejection.

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Charlie, based on other reports here, I think you can probably get a credit to be applied toward insurance for a future trip.

I'm in a similar position, because I purchased TravelGuard insurance back in February to cover the initial deposit for an early-2021 tour to India. Like you, I wanted to assure coverage for anything the insurance company might later be inclined to interpret as a pre-existing condition. I don't expect that tour to operate, but the insurance is still in force, so if I suffer a catastrophic medical emergency between now and the trip departure date (if there is no cancellation), I will have some coverage. Therefore, I can't claim I am not getting any benefit from the policy and should be able to get my money back. At least that's the way I--not a lawyer--see it.

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Charlie I would call them. If the tour is cancelled you should be entitled to a refund. My company did that without any question.

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I’m waiting for our September 13 tour to fax then I’ll be on the phone trying my best to not lose 1600.

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I emailed Allianz yesterday with my policy number (a "single trip" policy), a copy of the trip cancellation email I received from RS, and a request for a refund.

Today I received the following reply:

"We’re sorry that you have chosen to cancel your OneTrip Prime insurance policy with Allianz Global
Assistance. We have processed your request and you should receive a premium refund of $472.00.
We hope you’ll choose Allianz Global Assistance in the future to protect your travel and event
investments. To learn more about all the products and coverage we offer, please visit us at
Should you require additional assistance or have any questions, contact us at 1-866-884-3556."

Allianz has always been lovely to do business with.