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Trip Insurance

We are going on the heart of Italy tour in June and now we know we should absolutely buy trip insurance.
What insurance did anyone else buy?
and of course buying it if we need to stay because of positive covid tests--need insurance to cover hotel room expenses.

There are four of us going.

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See Rick Steves' web page. Upper left - click on "Travel Tips" and then "Trip Planning" then "Do I need insurance". There, you will find insurance information/tips and links to search for a policy that fits your needs. After you get to the Rick Steves' insurance information page, there is a list in the upper right of insurance providers with links to them and links to "" and "SquareMouth" where you may compare policies before making a purchase. Be aware that when a policy says "up to" a dollar amount for a category such as, for example... trip delay, trip interruption, medical, or cancellation, it depends on the state in which you live as to what the maximum per day and maximum total reimbursement may be. I recently found that to make a claim for extra hotel/meal/transportation etc. expenses due to having to quarantine after a Covid positive test, you must get a doctors note stating that you were required to quarantine. The positive lab test result was not sufficient.

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Just wanted to add that with allianz, you do not need a doctor’s note.

Please note, to confirm COVID-19 illness, we require a physician’s
diagnosis or confirmation, or the verified record of a positive
molecular (e.g. PCR) or antigen COVID-19 test performed by a third
party testing service provider

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Definitely check the Squaremouth website! They will show you many policies and they make it easy to compare. For us, the priority was Covid quarantine and medical evacuation insurance. You can pick what is important to you, and can compare in an easily comprehensible way. Might take you 15 min to select the perfect policy.

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We had Allianz and did have to use it to cancel RS Croatia Tour 2020 including extra hotels and airfare. RS was outstanding of course and refunded tour costs even for those without insurance, most travel companies did not do this. May I add that you can use AAA if a member to purchase air & insurance and in my experience Allianz desires to please a large corp such as AAA as they bring a large amount of business. Also if you have a claim AAA will assist you and that's with the price of insurance. I have also found AAA air fares much cheeper than direct with airline. I will say insurance costs have doubled likely due to all the claims the past few years. When I purchased it for the 2020 trip it was the 1st time ever buying insurance and so glad I did. I now consider it part of travel, not an option.
I just purchased with AAA my air & Allianz insurance for RS Tour in late August, it covers hotels and flight changes if testing positive for Covid.

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Regarding Allianz, I see there is an Epidemic Coverage Endorsement that is included in some plans but it depends on what state you live in. We’re in Washington state and I don’t see it included in any of the plans offered to us. What plan did anyone buy?

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I live in Washington and have Covid coverage (trip interruption and medical). What made you think you would not be covered in Washington?

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There is some confusion here.

Trip Cancellation: No, they will not reimburse you for cancelling a trip due to fear of getting covid.
Trip Interruption: Yes, they will cover you with documented positive covid test.

The quote from Travel Guard above refers to trip cancellation, not trip interruption.

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I am in WA State - we have Allianz insurance - it does cover Trip cancellation and trip interruption if f you get COVID. As stated by someone else - it does not cover cancellation/interruption for fear of catching Covid.