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Traveling with my 19 yr. old to Scandinavia

I am considering booking the 14 day Scandinavia trip with my 19 year old daughter, after she has finished an internship in Warsaw. but am concerned that she will be the youngest by a few decades. Are there young people on these trips as well? Also, we are active travelers and like to get plenty of exercise during the trip. Any input on these two concerns would be appreciated!

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The hubby and I did the GAS tour summer of 2013. There was a family with two boys, approx. 16 and 14. They were super well-behaved, conversed with adults well, spent time away from their parents with the other adults, and generally great kids. They both had adults other than their parents as their "buddy" (a RS requirement, to keep track of people and such) and did very well. Of course there was one family that brought their spoiled 16 year old who caused nothing but trouble, but that's a different thread. I think your daughter will have great time and bring life to the tour. The tours are always active and very well-done. You should definitely take her. Travel is never a bad idea for young people.
Happy travels!

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RS tours are very active. You'll be doing lots of walking. I think it's better to think about interests than ages. If your daughter loves to learn and likes history, etc, she'll do great.

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You and your daughter will be too tired from all of the activity to check the birth dates of your fellow travelers who will be of varied ages! Age is just a number. I am 56 and have 19 year old friends. It is good to know and be friends with all ages. We learn a lot about ourselves and others that way.

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Why not just travel on your own? Why a tour? Seems like your daughter will be quite travel savvy after her time in Warsaw, so let her lead the way.

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Before my first RS tours, "on my own" was the only way to tour. In 1997 took my two teens, my son was 16, and daughter just out of high school, 18, on tour. It worked well, we loved it and we learned stuff about each other that camping, and Disneyland had only begun. Recommend travel any way you can with your children. Paris, during All Hallows Eve, museums, eating picnics, sharing the night train and the six person sleeping car to Italy. My, you do learn to get along with each other, and with other travelers! Seeing Herculanium, Rome and the Vatican Museum, Venice, Amsterdam, Milan. We stayed in Hostels about 2/3rds of the nights, and going in Fall it was never crowded! Together. Wow! Memories you treasure always. It was a month amazing.Travel with your children, please, any way you can.

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This question has come up repeatedly. Most report at least one teenager or younger adult in their group, and the numbers go up during summer when they're out of school. But what people posted above is also reported on these other posts - if your daughter shares the interests of Rick Steves Tour participants, she'll be welcomed eagerly regardless of age. If she's more into shopping, or partying, or wants American-style hotels, or other things not emphasized or not available on the tours, she won't be happy (and I don't mean that as a criticism - everyone has different reasons for traveling, and hers are as valid as anyone else's).

Look at Rick's tour experience video together, to see if it appeals to both of you (it's 45 minutes total, or you can watch it in chunks):

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Thank you, everyone, for your thoughtful replys. We have traveled internationally quite a bit and Julia is a very interested, educated young woman,student at Vanderbilt University studying international business, not a "typical" American teenager. I have discussed this tour with her and she is very excited! We need to be assured of her visa process for her internship, then will make plans to go on this Scandinavian tour. Anyone else who is going? :) I have never been to the Scandinavian countries and am so excited to joing a Rick Steve's tour!