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Traveling with CBD products

Hello fellow travelers!

My husband and I will be taking two Rick Steve's tours this year, The Best of Italy in 17 Days, and the Germany, Switzerland, Austria tour. I am seeking advice on whether or not anyone has traveled on tours overseas with CBD gummies? I take a CBD gummy nightly to help with sleep insomnia, and a pain gummy as needed when my osteoarthritis flares up in my knees. Both gummies are very helpful. The ones I take are completely legal in the state of Texas where I live. The state mandates that legal CBD products must be 0.3% or less. The gummies I take are within these limits.
I would appreciate any guidance/advice regarding your own personal experience travel abroad with similar products. I do not want to break any laws in the countries we will be traveling to.

Many thanks,
Jan from beautiful Austin, Texas!

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No personal experience. I think you will have to investigate the laws for each country you are visiting as well as transiting.

My first reaction is to see if an alternative (even if not your first choice) would work for you for the duration of these tours so as to eliminate any possible issues or misunderstandings.

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I guess there's also the question, if you transit through another airport in the States on the way to Europe, whether CBD is legal in that other state, too.

I think Carol is correct - you're going to have to look up the laws in whatever country/countries you are visiting and transiting.

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My bags have been sniffed too many times by cute little beagle dogs.

You can do without CBD products. Go with melatonin to assist you to sleep. Or get a prescription for Ambien.

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Thank you all, your advice is well taken and much appreciated. I’m thinking that it would probably be best to leave my gummies at home and not take any risks. Who knows, maybe I can find CBD products being sold in stores in the counties we will be traveling to.

Best of travels to everyone!
Jan & Stan Austin, Texas

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There is a website called Weed Maps or somthing close to that which will tell the current country/state rules. J

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After what happened to Brittney Griner, I wouldn't travel with any of that stuff!

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I greatly appreciate all your comments and wise suggestions. I’m a novice European traveler, and this open forum conversation has been very enlightening for me. After taking in all this good advice, I’m planning on airing on the side of caution and keep my questionable meds. safely at home.
Many thanks to you all!
Jan & Stan

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Just one additional note -- it is important to research not only if CBD is legal in the country you are visiting, but also whether it is legal to cross the border with it in your possession (rather than purchase it in the destination country).

For example, CBD is legal in Canada, but it is illegal to bring it from the US to Canada for your own personal use unless you have a prescription.

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US airports are under federal jurisdiction so federal rules apply while you're in one.

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Never had an issue with CBD in the US. I take CBN gummies which works for me better than anythign else. Most CBD has some THC, but very minimal amts. It's too bad as they are a game changer for me (chronic severe insomnia). But not sure I would risk it. Melatonin doesn't really work for everyone, but might look on Amazon, check reviews. I got an herbal product which works pretty good.

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Its a question of what is legal and prudent in my mind. The comment that airports are federal jurisdiction does put a different light on it. Just too many thing could go wrong; I would ditch the stuff. If it's legal where you are going you can always buy it on the road.

My bags have been sniffed too many times by cute little beagle dogs.

Sorry, this is off topic, but I learned something interesting a few years ago. Those dogs are often currency dogs. Yup, they sniff out cash. I got caught with a couple hundred thousand in cash (small bills) in my carryon. The dog nailed it on the breezeway to the plane. I turned white, the officer laughed and said not to worry, it was a currency dog, and asked how much did i have in cash in my bag. I fessed up. A little more than US$500 mostly in 1.000, 2.000 and 5.000 Hungarian forint notes (pretty thick wad of bills).