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Travel to Switzerland in July for US residents

I hear that Switzerland will be opening June 28 for US residents to travel. I have postponed two trips, June 2020 and June 2021. I can’t wait until June 2022! I have had both my covid shots (March). My question is, is it safe to travel to Switzerland in July?

Thank you.

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Like you my husband and I are planning a trip to Switzerland September 2021. We postponed our trip there September 2020 and like you are so ready to get there! I keep thinking that as progressive as Switzerland is that we should be able to get there in 3 months……we have both had Covid and have been vaccinated. I keep checking this forum to see if anyone has any news on Switzerland and has traveled there recently. Where did you hear that it will be opening June 28? Thank you!!!!

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Jane, the Swiss gov. will be voting on this matter on June 23rd. I am hopeful for good news as I also have a trip planned for Sept.

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You may need to define what "safe" means. The Swiss have been vaccinating and currently 33% have had 2nd dose, 52% one dose. Based on a check I did now that's pretty close to the stats in Texas.

Along with the vote on allowing American tourists in, the swiss will be voting on easing restrictions - mostly won't need a mask in public, capacity limits raised, most everything open for business, etc. I doubt that all restrictions will go away for summer but enough to my mind for an enjoyable visit.

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You need to check June 23 when the information is released/voted on in Switzerland. Rules will be in effect from 28 June. We are leaving end of August for there. Glad we postponed, were originally trying to get there about now.

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What do you mean by safe? You are as likely to be robbed or knocked down by a car etc as you were 2 years ago.

Covid hasn’t gone away and vaccination rates in Switzerland are quite a way behind the U.K.. Even with both jabs, you aren’t 100% “safe”. Over 80% of Brits have had their first vaccine and 59% have had both, yet we are seeing the number of positive Covid cases triple in a week and hospital cases are rising, albeit not at the same rate as earlier in the cycle. I haven’t seen this week’s stats yet, but of the 42 people that died of the Delta variant last week, 12 had received both shots.

Things can change rapidly for better or worse with this pandemic. Yes, things are better than earlier in the year, but as nationalities begin to mingle and mask wearing etc is reduced, no one knows what the outcome will be.

To be “safe” I would wait until next year. If you do travel, be prepared for flight and schedule changes numerous times, so be flexible.