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travel guard trip insurance

I have purchased travel guard travel insurance within the first 15 days of signing up for a tour primarily so I can get the medical expense and emergency evacuation upgrade. I did not cover the entire cost of the trip only 2000.00 as it is not all totally nonrefundable and I am mostly interested in the medical expense and emergency evac part.

I just started wondering whether not covering the whole cost of the trip will they still cover the medical expense and emergency evacuation if I need it. I read through the paperwork and do not see any clause detailing that.
Does anyone know about this?

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I would call them to find out the requirements.

There are some companies thar require you to insure the full value of your trip.

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Speaking generally (but confidently for reputable biggies like Travelguard and Travelex) the Full Coverage requirement is for Cancellation and maybe Interruption, It is not relevant to medical or evacuation.

Look closely at the full contract PDF. You will find the weasely language in the Cancellation section, not in medical or evacuation.

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When I purchased a travel policy, I called their sales department and went through each type of my expenses to know whether they needed to be included: non-refundable expenses, expenses that would result in a credit but not a refund, and fully refundable expenses. For that insurer, fully refundable expenses did not have to be included.

Your insurer's policies may be different.

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Appreciate the replies.
I will check the cancellation portion.
I likely need to call but was hesitant as wondered if they would try to get me to pay more whether needed or not.
When I say not totally nonrefundable I meant I have had delta airline just charge me 300.00 to get a refund on a trip that I had to cancel due to a close family member's illness. It was that or I could use the full price to book another trip within a year.

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Most of the policies I have seen will not waive pre-existing conditions unless you cover the whole cost of the trip. Even if you purchase the policy immediately after your first tour-related payment. This isn't exactly what you asked about, but thought I'd point it out.

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I have purchased Travel Guard insurance many years when I go to Europe every year since I went onto Medicare which does not cover me in Europe. Every time I purchase TG, I purchase it within very few days of making my first trip payment (re: RS tour deposit) so that they will cover my pre-existing conditions. When signing up for TG insurance I only list the value of my non-refundable costs.
Since I take a RS tour every year they have a generous refund policy that I do not include in my TG coverage. I also add on the Umbrella coverage which greatly increases benefits at very little additional cost.

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I was not concerned about pre existing as I don't have any.
I also did not include the cost of my whole RS tour as I have also been on numerous and the same trip that I cancelled the airfare I cancelled my tour. When I spoke with RS staff they said if I signed up for another with a years period I would only lose my deposit. That was very nice and I did end up going on another within that years period as I have been going once a year also Charlie.
The hotels pre tour always have 24 hour cancellation and so do any local tours such as food tours that I have taken. So actually the 2000.00 is more than I would lose, if, the airline and RS allowed the same courtesy as before granted it was due to a serious health situation.

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We just bought travel insurance without covering the full trip. Only enough for the medical and evacuation. It should be on your policy. Why not call Travel Guard to make sure?

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Thank you for all your replies.
I will look at the cancellation section carefully and if not clarified clearly I will call. All good advice.