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Syncing Rick Steves Audio Downloads Between Devices

I've downloaded numerous of Rick Steves' audio tours and guides to my iPhone. Now I would like to access them using my iPad and can't figure out how to Do so. It took some time to download the many audio tracks I want to enjoy so I hop I don't have to redo the downloading. Has anyone successfully synced their downloads from one device to another?

I can't even find the downloads on my iPhone or on iCloud. They seemed to be stored in the actual App. And, it appears that since the App doesn't require users to set up an account, they aren't identifiable by another device.


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I don't know about iCloud or iPhones (I use a PC and Android), so I don't know if there's a way to upload the full contents of the Rick Steves app to the iCloud, then download it to the iPad.

If you had downloaded the audios to iTunes on your computer, then you could sync them to other devices. If you downloaded them directly on the Rick Steves app, then that's where they are. If you can't get them into the iCloud, then you'll have to download them again to either your iPad directly (on its own Rick Steves app) or to iTunes and then sync to the iPad. If you download to iTunes, not only will you be able to sync to all your devices later, but you can set up all the downloads in one step, then walk away and do something else while they all download (so the time it takes is less bothersome).

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Hi troyandbill,

I work on some of our digital products. Unfortunately, syncing in the app across devices is not a feature we support at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I will certainly keep this feedback in mind when we make future updates to the app!