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Tours for the Disabled

I don't have the best knees in the world and have a hard time getting around here in the U. S.! Although I can walk, I can't walk very far without my knees giving out. Are there any tours that provide for people like myself? Thank you!

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Teresa, you might take a look at this company (recommended by RS):

As 'very far' can mean different amounts of distance to different people, I might consider the need to rent or purchase an assistive device - such as a wheelchair or scooter - for a trip abroad if you don't already have one. Depending on where you want to go and what you want to see, you'll likely be faced with some attractions which require time on one's feet to reach and/or explore otherwise. There may be some that will simply be inaccessible due to the age of the attraction and inability to install accessibility aids - such as lifts - but there will be enough others to make a trip worthwhile.

Some of the larger museums do offer loaner wheelchairs for visitors who need them, and have lifts.

I would spend some time with the website and descriptions of the packages; they should provide good information on what what to expect. Then contact them to discuss your specific challenges/abilities to see what might need to be customized for you...such as booking private drivers.

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Dear Kathy and Laura:

Thank you for your responses. I know that Europe isn't built for someone like me. I'm disappointed because I always liked to walk until I had these problems and I'd like to see the places that require walking and climbing! Oh well ...

Thanks again.

From, Teresa E.

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I don't know if this is information you can use, but my husband was introduced to the canes that fold out to make a seat. He has a bad back and dicey knees where standing causes problems. He tried to go low-budget on the first one and it broke. His 2nd one is much sturdier and he has even taken to carrying it in the US.