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Tours for lower limb amputees with prosthetics but limited physical ability

I'm a RAKA - Right Above Knee Amputee- with a prosthetic but limited mobility. I use a manual wheelchair 80% of the time. I drive a car with hand controls. I use a shower bench. I'm fully capable of handling personal hygiene, dressing, cooking, household chores,
etc. Are there any European Tours designed to accommodate people like myself? How about Cruises - ocean & river?

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As I am not in your situation, I can’t comment usefully except to say that ocean cruises would be able to accommodate your needs easily. However, there are only a small number of accessible staterooms and they book well in advance ( 1-2 years). A regular stateroom could not accommodate a wheelchair, but suites may. But, cruising is an entirely different way to travel than land based tours. In Europe, they are often a string of one-day 8 hour port calls. They are very accessible shipboard, but most day-based excursions are not accessible. This is partly so because many European cities are not exactly wheelchair accessible- no elevators in public underground transportation, no curb ramps, narrow cobblestone streets, etc. Have you googled this? In the Middle East, there are companies that organize this type of travel exclusively.

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Ocean cruises for sure. It is not unusual for individuals with mobility issues to cruise and the cruise lines are set up to be accessible. I know Royal Caribbean sells special shore excursions specially designed for this population.

River cruises may have portions of the ship where you might need to climb some stairs. This will be dependent on the cruise line and ship. You would want to research each ship to make sure it is a match.

I think most group tours involve a fair amount of walking. I do wonder if something like the Rick Steves “My Way” tour might be a match. They arrange lodging and transport, and have a tour manager who is available to help plan sightseeing activities that individuals do on their own. I would suggest contacting the tour office and speaking directly to them so you could discuss your specific needs and find out whether this would be a good match or not.

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If you do a Google search for:

European tours for disabled

You will see listings for companies that cater to the disabled as well as articles to help you travel easier.