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Tours for 2020

Without fanfare many more listed today including one new one I can find. We are signed up on that one. Ciao!

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There are 2 new ones actually. Best of Tuscany and Best of Andalucia (I know they had a charity inaugural with this one but it is new for being on the regular list of tours). Love when they come out with new ones. Would like a Best of Poland.

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@jkelman there are a couple of other threads here about the 2020 tour list. Follow up discussion is that they are working on a Best of Poland tour maybe in 2021. Look in the Poland Forum for that input from RSE.

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I read on the other messages that another tour for Portugal is in the works for 2020? Is that right or is it for 2021 like the one for Poland? Any ideas on this new one for Portugal-maybe just the north? Would be great to combine northern Portugal with northern Spain, at least Galicia. Thanks, Gladys

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I'd love a new France tour myself.

Agree. Why don't they have a Brittany tour, such a wonderful part of France that is relatively ignored by tour companies. So much to see and do from St Malo to Carnac and from Brest to Fougeres. Such a wealth of natural places, coastal sights, interesting cities, ancient sites, castles, small beautiful villages.