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I thought Rick did tours to Morocco but I don’t see them here.

Does anyone know anything about that?

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Odyssey’s Unlimited does tours to Morocco. I highly recommend this tour company. The best time to go is March or October.

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I think years back the Spain tour included a day or two in Morocco. I know one of his older TV episodes includes a section on daytripping to Morocco.

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The Spain tour used to include two nights in Tangiers, Morocco (I took the tour in 2010) - it was quite an experience. Sadly they cut that from the program not too long after that The current guidebook contains a chapter on Tangiers for those wanting to hop over from the south of Spain.

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Right now Imprint Tours is offering one to Morocco in April. The company is done by one of Rick's guides and is endorsed by RS. I have not traveled with them, but have heard great things.

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The tour was the Spain tour for a couple years where a couple nights in Morocco were included. The logistics were difficult and expensive getting everyone there and back so they dropped that part and made the Spain tour shorter. I think there may had been a change in government or attitude toward foreigners that helped push the tour out as well. Disappointed I missed it.

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I don't believe that the newest king of Morocco nor really any one specific about Morocco or Tangier prompted the change in the Spain tour itinerary. It coincided with an across-the-board effort to keep most tours to two weeks or less because they seem to sell better that way. We have no plan to undertake a Morocco-specific tour.

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We did a reasonably priced tour with National Geographic/G Adventures to Morocco. They offer several different options.