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Touring with Whatsapp

As I was completing my traveler profile information for a RS Tour next year, I was surprised to be asked if my phone uses Whatsapp? I'm sure I can download it, however this is new to me. What are your experiences with this app, both on an iPhone and an Android? Any problems or cool features? Thanks!

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I use it all day every day. And no Millennial me.

If your phone can find the interwebs it can use Whatsapp.

Pretty much instant, text, voice to text, recorded audio or video, audio or video calls; create groups, send messages to groups, send photos, send video. Encrypted end to end. Free.

Whats not to love?

I use the iphone version. If you get an android version be sure it is the official one as there are malware fakes about on android.

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It's terrific!

I had my parents install it on their phones so that I can easily communicate with them while I'm traveling. I've also used it to communicate (phone and text) for free with hotels to confirm details of a reservation. I also use it to communicate with international friends without incurring any international charges.

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Yes, what's not to love about WhatsApp! I have been using it on my iPhone for several years. One of the great benefits is that it is being used more widely around the world. I can message my accommodations if they are connected. Another benefit is that you use your phone's internet connection to send messages so you can avoid SMS fees. Take a look at all the incredible features on

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My friend and I used it successfully while she was on her round-the-world tour.

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whoever you're calling must also have Whatsapp.

You must have an internet connection.

It's free

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It seems to be big in Europe. I have three friends in Germany and o e in Norway who all use it on a daily basis. I use the iPhone version to text them for free.

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I use it on both my iPhone and my Sony (Android). I love it, it is SO easy to use — and a great way to share a picture or two easily!

I use it mostly in lieu of texts. My husband and his friends leave each other WhatsApp “voice mails”, and he and I have held WhatsApp voice or video calls when one of us is in the States and the other in Europe.

No extra charges but you do have to have a phone connection (so if you don’t have roaming while abroad, you can’t use it).

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This can depend on your mobile phone plan, but we have T-mobile, with unlimited data and unlimited texts. Phone calls for us are 25 cents a minute, which isn’t a huge deal for a 10 minute call or two, but over the course of a trip, calling back home and within Europe, we’ve used What’sAp for several years, now. Texts and photo images, too. Sometimes, calls suddenly can freeze up, but just call back. Ap lets you see if you’ve missed a call, and from whom. Facebook recently bought the Ap.

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As long as you are connected to WiFi, no data roaming is required.

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Yes but if you are out touring about, normally you won’t have a WiFi connection.

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I was on the RS Best of Ireland trip in August. One of the tour members set up a Whatsapp group for anyone that wanted to join in our group. During our free time on the tour we gave each other tips on restaurants and events that were happening in the area. I really liked using it.

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WhatsApp is used by most parts of the world to communicate , just not that big in North America

I use it all the time at home and when I travel as I take my sim out. so the only way to get a hold of me is WhatsApp , messenger and email
ive been trying to train my friends and family not to text and use those methods so I will always get their message

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I noticed the question about Whatsapp too when I enrolled in my tour. I wonder if our tour guide will be available that way for emergency calls.

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Hooray - Whatsapp is finally coming to America !!!

My guess is that in Israel nearly everyone who has a smart phone (and we apparently are #1 for better or for worse) uses Whatsapp. Text messages, photos, videos, it's all easy with Whatsapp. It's easier to make a call on my mobile with Whatsapp than my telephone service. The call quality is as good as a phone line even on international calls and it's free. I can spend an hour talking to a friend halfway around the world. When I'm traveling, I use it to keep in touch and share my travel experiences, also to contact hotels, B&Bs, etc. Whatsapp doesn't care what kind of phone you have.

Some US providers have plans with international data.

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I've been using WhatsApp for years while traveling in and outside the U.S. It's the best way to communicate on the fly and it's easy to create groups. As mentioned, everyone you wish to text, call or send pics to must also have it but it's easy to add them from your phone contacts. Just do it.

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I also want to add that there are some US airline carriers ( SWA, Delta, Alaska, and JetBlue) that will let you use whatsapp while inflight.

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Everyone in Austria uses WhatsApp, including me.