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Tour with 16 and 14 year olds

I would like to take my two granddaughters 16 and 14 on a tour next summer. I was looking at the Family Tours, but I wonder if the other kids would be much younger. I think my teens would rather be with other teens rather than 8 year olds. Any suggestions for age appropriate tours?

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Road Scholar offers tours specifically geared toward grandparents and grandkids. Friends of ours have done several of these with their “tween” grandkids, and there were older teens in the group as well. You might see if one of these appeals ( note that some even limit the ages to a specific range, like 14-17, to ensure appropriate activities):

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I have not participated in a RS family tour, but understand from reading many postings here that these tours often include teens. Eight is just the minimumage, but not everyone would be traveling with such young children. I would suggest you call RS before signing up for any particular tour and ask them what the make-up of the tour is shaping up to be. I have done this in the past to see if a tour includes other singles and they have always been helpful.

Teens are also allowed on regular RS tours and, again, you could call to see if there are any teens on a particular tour. I once went on a tour that happened over Christmas break and there were four teens and another four young adults on that tour. The tour guide made sure that all the kids were engaged and happy. My Way tours might also work well for families.

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There have been teenagers traveling with grandparent on both of the RS tours I have taken. They seemed to enjoy themselves and I know tour members enjoyed them. I am not sure that at 16 and 14 any sort of special tour is required. If you go in the summer, it is quite likely other teenagers will be on the tour as well.

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In my experience, teens have joined regular tours I have been on. They seem to have enjoyed themselves, and adult tour members seemed glad to have them along. You sure get a larger range of locations and experiences with the non-family tours.

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I have taken my grandkids on Rick Steves tours since they were 8&9 years old. The first one was one of the very first Family Tours and the rest were regular tours; GAS, South of France, Paris City and Village Italy. All were awesome and appropriate for them and feedback from other tour members and our guides was always positive. The Family Tour had the widest variety of ages with my grands among the youngest. There were a couple of boys headed to college. There were other kids on each of the total 5 tours we have taken together. My family is planning on taking the Adriatic tour summer 2023 and already excited about it. It will be college graduation gifts for those same two grandchildren who went on those tours.

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We took a Rick Steves family tour when my children were aged 11, 13 and 16, and our tour group was mostly teens. The youngest was aged 10. Agree with others' suggestions to check with the tour office on trends and age ranges during the dates you are interested in. You might also review the various itineraries with your granddaughters to see which they prefer. The family tour was great for our needs at the time, with a good mix of activities and free time. Too many museum days would have pushed my teens over the edge.

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We took our then 16 year old on a 3 week Best of Europe a couple of years ago (a regular tour as opposed to a Family one). There were several other teenagers on the trip and he had fun with the other boys. Your granddaughters will likely enjoy their time with each other and have a spectacular time with you on a regular tour.

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I took my son as a 14 year old on the Best of Europe 14 days tour, and as an 17 year old on the Best of the Adriatic tour. This July I am taking him on the My Way Alpine Europe — he is now 25! We always have a blast. I haven’t been on any of the family-specific tours.