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Tour Weather

Planning my 2016 vacation.I realize that weather is totally unpredictable but if you have gone to either Scotland or/and Ireland, what would be the best months to go-meaning less rain.
Thanks, Gladys

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Probably no way to predict! I did the Best of Ireland in June 2014 and it was hot as heck but with 2 days of thick, pea soup fog. Of course the fog days were the Cliffs of Moher and Giant's Causeway. I had packed for rainy, cool weather and at the last minute changed it a bit as the forecast was for warmer temps.

I would suggest whatever time you pick you have a waterproof rain jacket for any location.

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Gooogle "Monthly Weather in [fill in city]" to get the average min, maximum temps and rain stats

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Ah, weather! I have been to Scotland on two different occasions, both during the summer. The first trip was cool and rainy, blowing rain at times. The second trip was hot and dry. Traveled in Ireland summer 2013, wet for several days during the trip and quite cool. I would definitely take a waterproof jacket. Before your trip start checking weather apps or weather websites for current and predicted weather. Then pack accordingly. Happy Planning!!

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Have been to both. Always take waterproof jacket and hat. Better to have it and not need it (very unlikely) than the other way around.

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There is almost always some rain. I actually like May or Sept. The weather is still "nice", there are less tourists & the airfare is somewhat reduced.


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As well as a coat to repel rain, consider how to keep your feet dry, or at least less wet.

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If you go to the tour site for either of those locations you will find a listing for "Weather". Click on that to get the average monthly temperature and rain days. We have done both Scotland and Ireland RS tours and have done both in the summer to increase our odds of having nice weather. We always pack light weight rain coats when we go to Europe every summer regardless of where we are headed since rain storms can and do happen every where.

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I did the best of Ireland 14days august 2014. We had terrific cool/mild weather. I think I had my jacket on most of the time. It only poured in Dublin one day (before our tour got started) and one day at the cliffs of mohr. Great trip. I visited Scotland in june 2010 and no rain but again great weather. Hope the weather Gods work in your favor.

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As you said, weather in Scotland/Ireland or elsewhere is "totally unpredictable" a year in advance.