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tour waitlist tips?

I was getting excited about signing up for the Greece tour but there is only 1 date with any availability. Here it is January and the spaces are gone! I guess people must really like this tour.

I thought I'd check to see if anyone had any tips or recommended strategy for getting off the waitlist.

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You can call the tour office. They can tell you where you are, or where you would be, on the waitlist for any given dates. Spots do open up but it’s luck of the draw. So, you can’t book airfare until you know and that can get expensive. And yes, it’s a very popular tour for good reason.

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If the tour that still has space is at a time you cannot go, I would contact the office and find out which tour has the shortest wait list that is a time you can go.

Having been to Greece on this tour, it really is no surprise its booked

Do not give up, it is worth it!

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We have taken 16 RS tours and have never been "waitlisted" due to the fact that we book our tours in mid-November to take advantage of the "Early Booking Discount" of $100. We have taken the RS Greece tour and really enjoyed it.

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Some tours sell out very quickly. It used to be that the RS tours were announced in late summer. Now many of the tours are up on the site in May or June. On 6/25/18 we booked one of these early departures for the 2019 Village Italy tour, and the tour was sold out a few weeks later.

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Put your name on the wait list. We have signed on the wait list two different times and have always been offered trips when someone cancelled. Call the office and they can tell you which trips have the shortest list and you can put your name on more than one. There is no cost to do that. Good luck.

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In the past, I have seen tours added when the existing tour dates are filling up. That may not be the case now, but I would check back periodically.

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Yes, agree with Yosemite. Some tours sometimes some "shadow" dates that will activate when other tours have filled. I think you should add that to the "list" of things to ask the RS office when you call, lol!

I'd also say after the Test Drive a Tour Guide program on Saturday the ones with vacancies will fill as well.

(PS I'm not a shill for the office trying to get you to sign up, hahaha!!)