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Tour Reviews

Hi, just wondering if anyone else has noticed the lag time in posting tour reviews. I checked a few and they haven't been updated in months. For example, the last reviews for Best of Switzerland were from August 8.

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Honestly, since RS changed to a very short-form questionnaire, there's not enough info in them so I never bother to look at them.

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Try sending a direct note to the Webmaster. Sometimes there is something wrong on their end. I've had to do this for the Bulgaria trip when they weren't showing up at all, despite the tours being over for s few months - the nice Webmaster got back to me and said "yes", there was indeed something wrong that prevented them from being loaded into the system. I would have thought it was something they would catch on their end, but it really doesn't hurt to be the one to let him know something seems off.

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Thanks, I emailed the webmaster. We'll see what happens!