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Tour docs for our South Italy tour!

Whoop! Our tour docs weren't supposted to be available for another 5 days yet, but I've been checking and sure enough, they popped up early.

Our Best of South Italy tour has 22 people: looks like 8 couples, one group of 4, and two singles. The guide is Catherine Moore. Two of the couples and the group of 4 are all from Washington, so maybe they're together? I know when we took a RS tour with some friends in 2019, the 6 of us who live in about a 15 mile radius were listed as coming from 3 different towns; the 7th member of our group was from another state entirely.

22 people is a nice sized group. Our France tour has the full 28.

It's getting real...

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Great news, Jane! But isn’t the South of France 🇫🇷 tour before South of Italy? I would have expected them to be available first. Oh well.

I got my tour docs yesterday for my Scandinavia tour. So happy. Now I am feeling focused on getting ready to leave in 29 days. Feeling the pressure but happy, too.

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That’s great, Jane. I am sorry we won’t be on the same tour with you but we will have the same guide. Our two tours (Sicily and Southern Italy) have 28 and 29 tour members on board.

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Hi Jane - I'm so excited for you. I check the site every morning and was happy to see our tour docs for our BOE tour (starting May 23) were also uploaded early. WHOOP! Our tour also has 22 people, and our guide is Colleen Murphy. This is our first tour and my first trip to Europe. I am so excited. I've been reading the forum and planning and dreaming for so long - now it suddenly feels very real. Hope you have an amazing time - I look forward to hearing how your trip goes.

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Thanks, everyone.

Judy B, yes, we got our Frace docs about a week before the "30 days before the tour" date, just like this one.

Tammy, I am looking forward to meeting you IRL, too! What fun!

Horsewoofie, I am really looking forward to this tour. We've been trying to take it for the last 6 years, but something has always come up to forestall it. This year is pretty much my "trip of a lifetime" dream trip.

Sueamill, you are in for a real treat. BOE is a great tour, and a wonderful introduction to Europe. You will be hooked!