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Tour Books

I understand when you take a Rick Steves tour, you received a guide book 30 days prior to the tour.
Is there a reason that why when you pay your deposit you can receive the book to start readying and
planning?? I don't want to have to go out and buy one 6 months ahead if I'm receiving it again.
I was told it was best to get a updated one from 2016.
Thanks for any input and planning. Looking at Best of Italy 17 days Sept 2020.
Heading to Milan two days early. and staying in Rome 2 days after.

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You'll get your guide book sooner than 30 days but TBH I can't remember how far ahead. I think it's right after the deadline for the final payment which is 60 days out.

The current Best of Italy guide book on the website is from 2018 and it says a new one is due to be released in April 2020. You could check you local library to see if they've got a copy of the older one, then take the newer one with you.

I've had my eye on this tour for several years! Looks excellent! (I SO want to see Otzi the Iceman!)

editing to add: I looked back and saw you did Village Italy a few years ago so you are probably referring to the tour book you got then as the 2016 model? I'd certainly use that for basic plans, then if you need to book tickets to say, Galleria Borghese in Rome, follow up on their website for current pricing.

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I am pretty sure that you can order your free guidebook after 30 days, or whenever getting your deposit back expires. Look at your tour account on this website. Click on manage tour, look on the right side of the page and click on "order tour kit". I have had my Paris guide book for months and my tour isn't until September.

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Yes, check your tour account.
I can order my tour book now for my tour in August, and I know I could have done it a while ago, too. I'm only waiting because a new version is going to be available next month.

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We received our "promo code" via email from the RS office shortly after the 30 day period ended when our deposit would no longer be refundable. You can order your kit/book anytime after you receive the code. Shipping is free.

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I ordered my book for our August Ireland tour 1 day after the thirty day non-refundable deposit was made. Just go to your account page and order. I did not even need a special code, it arrived within the week.

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We've already received our tour books for a tour in June. As others have said, they are available after the first 30 days pass.
FYI: We are a family of three, and qualified for 2 books. We only need one”Best of” so I called the RS office and they exchanged 1 for the Italy 2020 book. (Our tour will have 6 days in Italy and we are staying there beyond that as well.)

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Thank You All. I didn't know about the Tour Account, will check into that. I do have the 2016 tour book, but don't want to do
research if it's outdated. I'm probably going to book in March and travel early Sept. so I hope I can get my New Italy book in April with the new edition. and yes want to find out about Milan and seeing the last supper and Rome with the Borghese gallery tickets