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Switzerland restaurants

We’ll be taking the 12 day tour of Switzerland in September. We’ll be in Zurich for a few nights, lunch and dinner in Luzern, dinner in Lugano, and dinner in Lausanne. Any great restaurant recommendations?

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Lucerne: Rathaus Brauerei (oh that cheese pie! Book in advance) but if you are craving Chinese, the excellent Li Tai Pei.

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I believe in this book and videos Rick had a few ...

Just prepare your wallet.

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We did the tour last September. Found a small wonderful little Italian place a block or so above the River away from the crowds (above the hotel you will be staying at). Another find was 4 minutes walking from our hotel in Bern. We actually returned there the night after the tour ended it was so good. Many from our group are there as so many had a great dinner there. Ristorante Rialto.

Dinner was provided the night we were in Lausanne.

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Thanks for the info Jill, there are two nights in Lausanne, was dinner provided the evening after the wine tasting @ Lavaux vineyards?

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A quick and reasonable lunch in Lucerne is found at the food court at the Manor department store, which has an outdoor rooftop terrace for eating, just an block or so away from the Hotel des Alpes. Also, the Coop store a few blocks further, same direction, also had a food court. Both food courts close late afternoon, so aren't options for quick dinners.
Safe travels!

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I’m a big fan of brezelkonig sandwiches. The avocado is my favorite.

Look for them in the train stations at Zurich, Luzern, Lugano, and Lausanne.

I also really like the holy cow burgers. Expensive, but so good. I’m not seeing the chicken sandwich I always get on the current menu.

There’s one at the Luzern train station and looks like a couple of locations in Zurich and Lausanne.

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I don’t remember if dinner was provided after the wine tasting. It is one of many highlights of the trip. You can email the RS site and ask if dinner is provided that night.

I just reviewed the itinerary, dinner that night is not listed.