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Suggestions on adding on Giverny and Bruges to our BOP trip.

In June when our tour is over on Saturday, we want to go to Giverny for the day and then travel to Bruges for a few days before we have to fly out of Paris on Wednesday morning. Looking for the best ways to accommodate this. We could go to Bruges first, then Giverny and then back to Paris for the morning flight home. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Help !
We too are looking to stop in Giverny on our way to Amsterdam if at all possible… would love advice! We will be traveling by train after a Rick tour in October.

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Giverny is west of Paris, Amsterdam (or Bruges) is east.

If you have a car, you can obviously do what you want, but if traveling by train, I would do Giverny as a day trip from Paris, come back and spend the night in Paris, and then take off from Gare du Nord for Amsterdam/Bruges.

Stay somewhere between Gare St Lazare / Gare du Nord. At least both of the stations are on the Right Bank.

(Trains to Vernon for Giverny leave from Gare St Lazare.)

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@Cindyweis: since you fly out of Paris, I would do what Kim suggests, but in reverse, because you have to spend Tuesday night in Paris anyway.

Go to Bruges at the end of your tour on Saturday, then come back to Paris early on Tuesday morning, leave your luggage at a Gare du Nord hotel, head to Giverny, and spend your last night in Paris before the flight. The day would be a bit rushed, but leaving Bruges around 7 would get you to Paris around 10, which leaves plenty of time for Giverny. Or you could get back to Paris on the Monday evening, spending 2 nights.

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Yep, what Balso says makes sense. Since you need to be in Paris the night before your flight, do it that way and it saves one change of hotel.