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Street food in Rome and Naples and Vegetarian restaurants

We're booked on the South Italy tour starting in April and will have 2 days before (in Rome) and after (in Naples) the tour. One of the things we really liked in Palermo (before the RS Sicily tour) was the street food/street market. My husband is vegetarian and we were able to find many interesting things to try at the outdoor market. We ended up going there twice.

So I'm looking for street food markets in Rome and Naples, especially if there might be some vegetarian options.

Also looking for any vegetarian restaurants in either city; does not have to be exclusively vegetarian, and obviously many places will have pasta dishes that work, but still thought I would ask to see if anyone has specific recommendations, thanks.

PS: we will be on the tour that starts April 25, so feel free to message me directly if you are also on the tour and want to discuss planning. This is our third RS tour.

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Well in Naples, it's all about the pizza - obviously! So many famous places to try it - and famous for a reason - as in they invented it.

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Do you want street food or street markets as there is a difference?

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Good point about street food or street markets.

A market with multiple food vendors is ideal; then we can walk around from place to place and find different options, if that makes sense.

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When in Naples we stay in the area of Via San Gregorio Armeno and Via Tribunale. Pizza is king there, but another street treat is the coupo. Basically it's a variety of bite-sized, battered and deep-fried foods in a paper cone. There are lots of combinations but the fish and the vegetable combos are our favorites.

On some weekends in Piazza Dante there are markets of various kinds. We were able to buy good breads and local wines with produce

There are many alimentari that offer outdoor displays of local produce in many areas of the city.

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In Rome, a good option is the Trapizzino chain. Several locations, basically focaccia in a cone with an array of fillings; and very tasty and cheap.

Of course the traditional street food in Rome is Pizza al Taglio, squares purchased by the kilo, lots of vegetarian options, available in bakeries. You might be able to find non-meat Suppli.

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15477 posts is the place to go to find vegetarian and vegan. Here's a start for Rome.

In Naples, I ate lunch twice at Da Carmine on via dei Tribunali in 2017. It's "old school Napolitano". The food was simple and really good (and cheap to boot). They had a facebook page with their hours.

The most famous pizza is Antica Pizzeria da Michele. It's packed for lunch and dinner, but if you get there early or "in-between", you'll be seated quickly. The menu is basic - I think there were two kinds of pizza in several sizes, maybe 4-5 choices of bottled drinks incl. beer. When there's a waiting line, they get you in and out as fast as they can. The first time I tried to go there, the line was really long, so I went across the street to the "less exceptional" Trianon. The pizza was subpar. Michele's is fine, but not as good as the pizza I had on that trip in Salerno, Rome and even Venice.

If your tour takes you to Minori on the AC, be sure to stop at Sal de Riso for to-die-for pastries. I was told that their gelati are also excellent, but that would have been overkill. The second time I went, I got a few more to take back to my hotel.

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Hi! I'm vegan and have been researching what's out there for my upcoming BOI tour June 12. I'm told by other vegans that in Rome, do NOT MISS Refugio Romano restaurant for veg/vegan options. Others are:
Buddy. Origano (2 locations). Origano has appertivo (Happy hour) with veggie food and drink for 15 euro. Watch out for closed days (esp Sun/Mon). I'm considering a later flight out based on these recommendations. There's also a branch of Flower Burger (based in Milan) for the most colorful burger you've ever had!
I was relieved to see some healthy options pop up too, like veggie juices, bowls, etc. to keep my energy levels up for exploring.
I'd love to hear what y'all discover in April. Have a blast!

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When in Naples we often eat at Da Carmine. La Campignola (the Mushroom) in the same area is also good and very Neapolitan--menu on the blackboard and no English. Most restaurants in Naples have a wide variety of dishes based on local produce (I like sartu') and fish is also predominantly featured.