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Staying at the Washington Mayfair Hotel for RS London-things to not pack

Start with shaving cream. Just a few doors down is Geo.F. Trumper (since 1875) and it's all about mens grooming. Sure it's pricey stuff, but they have travel size tubes. And, if you can't choose they are more than glad to give you samples. A few samples can last you a week as you just use a little bit and it works quite well. After shave and other stuff as well. A few blocks away, about a block past the Green Park tube is a Boots pharmacy. They have a great inventory so no need to pack toothpaste, shampoo, etc. All the familiar brands are there. And, our discovery of the trip, Voltarol Gel (diclofenac). This is a NSAID (same class as Ibuprofen) and is available in the US by prescription (check with your doctor if this is OK for you). But in the UK you can ask the druggist for it. Just perfect for my achy back after touring without the heartburn NSAID pills occasionally cause. Just rub it on. And for my daughters badly sprained ankle, the equivalent of acetaminophen plus codiene also available without an Rx.

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Love Voltaren. I always stock up with it when in Europe. Bought ten tubes in Paris in May. And it works!

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Both Boots and Superdrug also carry travel size items. (Although I think Superdrug has a better selection.) I have seen travel size versions of Gillette shaving gel at both and Nivea Shave Gel at Superdrug.

And should you need Pepto in the UK, you have to ask for it. It's not on the shelves but kept behind the pharmacy counter.

And for those of you interested in useless trivia.....Boots and Walgreens and Duane Reade are all under the same parent company.

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Thanks so much for the info on Voltaren being available w/o an RX. In London and need it!

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This is very helpful, thank you, Alan! We'll be doing this tour in October. I think that gel is something we will find useful so it's on the list now!

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You can get Voltaren OTC in Canada as well. Good stuff.

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Voltaren is sold as Voltarol in the UK, but as Voltaren in other European countries.
It is available as a gel or as pills, but I find the gel better as you can apply it to the correct point.
It is and anti-inflammatory, and is most effective if you apply to the sprain etc. as soon as it starts, before it flares up, as it is better at preventing than reducing pain.

So it is a prescription drug in the US? I would never have guessed. It is used a lot by athletes and sports players for sprains.
There are many drugs that are not available on the shelves, but the pharmacist can give you after asking some questions.

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Great hotel! I remember large and comfortable rooms, and a wonderful and abundant breakfast buffet, especially the Cumberland sausages, if you are into that type if thing. One of those plus a roll make a fine lunch too! So, bring a few extra ziplocs maybe.