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Spain in 8 days tour Sept 3-10

Anyone on here going on this tour? I am arriving a day early on September 2 and was wondering if anyone else is arriving early? Was going to venture out before the tour starts but was warned about doing it on my own. Would be nice to meet up for dinner or breakfast/lunch on Sunday :)

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Don't be afraid to venture out alone. Barcelona is a beautiful, safe city. The one incident that just occurred is an aberration. Whoever warned you is overreacting and, most likely, has no practical experience.

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I was there 2 years ago. I was on my own- a senior woman- and felt very comfortable exploring Barcelona on my own. You are safe there, or as safe as you would be in any big city. No muggings that I've ever heard of. People will say there are pickpockets, but I didn't run into any, or hear anyone on my tour complain about it. Go out and enjoy!

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we did the Best of Spain tour in 2016 and arrived in Barcelona a couple of days early. We walked all over the city and had no problems or concerns. We stayed on Picasso at the KK hotel (used by Steves's tours) and it was a great location. We were cognizant, though, of walking on Las Ramblas. It was packed (Mardi Gras packed) with people and we were careful there; but, we always wear secure money belts and no purses or backpacks in crowded locations. I don't see a problem with venturing out on your own so long as you stay on the main streets at night.......also, arriving a couple of days earlier let's you rid yourself of the jet lag and relax a bit before the tour starts. we enjoyed the tour so much we just signed up for another one next year....The only thing I have to figure out is how to pack lighter........I thought I was bare-boned on the tour, luggage wise; but. most others just traveled with back packs. I commend them for being able to do that as it would be much easier. But, do bring the smallest suitcase you can get away with since you will be hauling it up and down stairs, on trains and from the bus to the hotels on occasion in the hilly cities where the bus cannot get to the hotel.