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Spain tour

How much of the Best of Spain tour involves stairs? My travel buddy is concerned because they are hard for her knees. She thought she read this tour had more stairs than most? She's 70.

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Best to call the RS Tour folks for that information. They will know the details of hotels etc.

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Janell, I was on the WONDERFUL RS Best of Spain Tour just a year ago, April of 2016. I do not remember any extraordinary number of stairs. Of course like on most or all RS Tours, there is a considerable amount of walking. Also, especially in Toledo and in Arcos de la Frontera, there is a lot of walking up and down hills, but not on stairs. Thinking back, I walked a lot of hills in Toledo on my own time, but not so much while the group was together.

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Hi all,

It is good to see that you are looking at the activity levels of the tours. We put these there so folks can determine how strenuousness a tour might be and what best fits their physical ability. The Spain tour, as indicated, is quite an active tour. It does involve lots of walking, and there are locations where there is some hill climbing involved. And though there is not an overabundance of stairs on this tour there will be locations that will require you to climb a few flights. These might be at a site or possibly a hotel(s) that does not have an elevator. We do want folks to know that they have the option of not participating on an activity if it appears to be too strenuous for them but that does not mean that you will never have to climb stairs or walk up hills. This can occur during parts of a tour that cannot be avoided. In general, if a person has difficulty being on their feet for extended periods, walking/climbing up stairs or hills then our tours may not be the best option. We don't do bus touring (hopping on and off a bus at each site) but prefer to get out and experience a city, really get to know and see it, by walking thru it or by using public transportation. This is part of our philosophical approach to travel. So as you can see lots of activity is involved. If you are still unsure if our tour is right for you then please feel free to call our department and we can discuss this particular tour, or any of our tours with you at greater length. Thanks and have a great day. Cheers.