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spain my way or not

my way or not

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Do you feel comfortable planning your hotels, transportation, making site reservations? If YES, don't do My Way.

If you want hassle free transportation, lodging reservations planned for you, then do My Way.

I think one of the shortcomings of My Way is you have to be on someone else's timeframe for transportation so you can't stay longer if you find a place which interests you more than you expected.

Either choice, during the day and evening you are on your own to see and do what you please.

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We found the My Way tours to be a really great alternative to group travel. Since we enjoy the planning part of travel we could decide just what we wanted to do at each destination of the trip without having to plan transportation between stops. It is true that you are limited to a timeline that is predetermined but that is where the personal planning comes in. We ordered any entrance tickets that we needed ahead of our trip and we hit the ground running on arrival at each city. It is helpful to have a tour manager to answer any questions and to offer advice. They also give you an orientation walk in each city with information about public transportation so that you can easily get around the area. While you are on your own for the most part, you still have the camaraderie of other travel loving people.

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I and friend did My Way Spain in 2019 and absolutely loved it. We did come into Barcelona 4 days early and were very glad we did. We did everything Gaudi among other things. The itinerary worked out very well and we still had the fun of planning what to do at each town. Our tour “facilitator” Rich was super helpful and fun too . His favorite restaurant on the next hill over from the Alhambra gave us a great meal and view at sunset. I liked it so much I may repeat it with other friends in another year or two. You won’t regret it.

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I've done one RS tour. We choose to do the Rome tour because we knew we'd want guides for some of the museums/sites since we are not well versed in the history of Rome. Also, we liked that RS tours handled getting tickets to places that are more difficult to procure like the Borghese, Sistine Chapel, visit with the pope, etc. We have plans to use RS tours similarly for London. When we did the Rome tour, we tacked on a week travel prior and again after the tour.

We are quite good at travel between and within cities and reserving inns, etc., and like to set our own pace. We are also good at soliciting advice using this and other forums, guidebooks, and inns that we stay at. For us, the My Way tours do not do anything beyond what we can do ourselves.

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I haven't gone yet, but I'm going to do Alpine Europe My Way. I found out there is one place we are going and I'm not too thrilled, but it's not really near anything else (like an hour or so). I think that's generally a disadvantage, so you might research where the tour goes and see if you would like to do RS my way or your way. :D
I'm sure I'll enjoy it though anyway.

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I think it has to do with the itinerary matching your interests and how much time you have. Itinerary looks good? Short on time and need transportation to be as efficient as possible? Take the tour.

Transportation in Spain is generally very user friendly. If no time constraints, you could do this independently fairly easily.